A Delicious Healthy snack – No more leftovers – No more stale
Snacks size pack – 30g serving size – Just the right size for your pocket ,handbag , satchel ,briefcase
Wholly natural product
Free of Sugar, salt & gluten.
Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans. Kosher certified


Raw Almonds

Some things are too good to meddle with…

As we were experimenting with different flavours and options for our nuts, we naturally did a lot of tasting. And that’s when we realized- our cashews, peanuts and almonds were delicious eaten raw, too! Their unique creamy flavour means you’ll get the full nut flavour without any distractions. And of course, they make the perfect snack for the health… er… nut. (our puns are not as good as our nuts are)