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Galactic North With eight short stories and novellas including three original to this collection Galactic North imparts the centuries spanning events that have produced the dark and turbulent world of Revelation Space

About the Author: Alastair Reynolds

I m Al, now a Goodreads author I used to be a space scientist, and now I m a writer, although for a time the two careers ran in parallel I started off publishing short stories in the British SF magazine Interzone in the early 90s, then eventually branched into novels I write about a novel a year and try to write a few short stories as well Some of my books and stories are set in a consistent future named after Revelation Space, the first novel, but I ve done a lot of other things as well and I like to keep things fresh between books I was born in Wales, but raised in Cornwall, and then spent time in the north of England and Scotland I moved to the Netherlands to continue my science career and stayed there for a very long time, before eventually returning to Wales.In my spare time I am a very keen runner, and I also enjoying hill walking, birdwatching, horse riding, guitar and model making I also dabble with paints now and then I met my wife in the Netherlands through a mutual interest in climbing and we married back in Wales We live surrounded by hills, woods and wildlife, and not too much excitement.

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    Galactic North Reynolds excels at shorter lengthsOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureHaving read all the full length novels in Alastair Reynolds REVELATION SPACE series, I knew I d

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.SF will not become SciFi Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds Is SF becoming SciFi I hope not Dumbing down is the order of the day

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    While I m still working through the audio of Redemption Ark I thought I might check out some of the Rev Space short stories he published earlier in this collection I m glad I decided to read these i

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    Great addition to Revelation Space universe Even if not all stories are related to the trilogy, they are set in the same universe and bring in some new details related to some of the events and concepts us

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    Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds is a selection of 8 short stories set in Reynolds Revelation Space universe All of the stories are good.

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    Galactic North is a fantastic collection of short stories taking place in Alistair Reynolds Revelation Space setting I would recommend reading the main Revelation Space series prior to Galactic North Familiarity with th

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    I m supremely happy to know that Reynolds as a short story writer is just as good as Reynolds as a novelist Some of the stories were unabashedly nostalgic for me, but others, such as the last one, Galactic North, really bit de

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    I can t get enough of the Revelation Space universe I just can t This future history feels almost as real and detailed and nuanced to me at this point as real history does I ve already read most of the novels in this series, and with

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    A good mixed bag, but the 1999 story Galactic North is fascinating as it is the map of most of the stories from Revelation Space Weather is the best of the bunch.Great Wall of Mars 2000 4.5 starGreat stuff Fast pacing, good characters, shor

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    I just finished Galactic North the other day, and am now looking forward to reading The Prefect It s nice to be once again reminded why I enjoyed reading his Revelation Space series A few of the stories in here I d read before was The Great Wall o

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