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Galactic North Set In The Revelation Space Universe The First Short Story Collection By One Of SF S Best And Most Ambitious Novelists SFX With Eight Short Stories And Novellas Including Three Original To This Collection Galactic North Imparts The Centuries Spanning Events That Have Produced The Dark And Turbulent World Of Revelation Space Centuries From Now, The Basic Right To Expand Human Intelligence Beyond Its Natural Limits Has Become A War Worthy Cause For The Demarchists And Conjoiners Only Vast Lighthugger Starships Bind These Squabbling Colonies Together, Manned By The Panicky And Paranoid Ultras And The Hyperpigs Just Try To Keep Their Heads Down The Rich Get Richer And Everyone Tries Not To Think About The Worrying Number Of Extinct Alien Civilizations Turning Up On The Outer Reaches Of Settled Spacebecause Who S To Say That Humanity Won T Be Next

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    Galactic North Reynolds excels at shorter lengthsOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureHaving read all the full length novels in Alastair Reynolds REVELATION SPACE series, I knew I d eventually get to his shorter works set in the same da

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    While I m still working through the audio of Redemption Ark I thought I might check out some of the Rev Space short stories he published earlier in this collection.I m glad I decided to read these in publication order because there is some cr

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    Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds is a selection of 8 short stories set in Reynolds Revelation Space universe All of the stories are good.

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    Great addition to Revelation Space universe Even if not all stories are related to the trilogy, they are set in the same universe and bring in some new details related to some of the events and concepts used in the seriesGreat Wall of Marsthe story o

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    I can t get enough of the Revelation Space universe I just can t This future history feels almost as real and detailed and nuanced to me at this point as real history does I ve already read most of the novels in this series, and with some trepidation mov

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    I m supremely happy to know that Reynolds as a short story writer is just as good as Reynolds as a novelist Some of the stories were unabashedly nostalgic for me, but others, such as the last one, Galactic North, really bit deep into my subconscious and woul

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    A good mixed bag, but the 1999 story Galactic North is fascinating as it is the map of most of the stories from Revelation Space Weather is the best of the bunch.Great Wall of Mars 2000 4.5 starGreat stuff Fast pacing, good characters, short but wonderful early

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    I just finished Galactic North the other day, and am now looking forward to reading The Prefect It s nice to be once again reminded why I enjoyed reading his Revelation Space series A few of the stories in here I d read before was The Great Wall of Mars in Interzone

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    Great Wall of Mars providesbackground for Nevil Clavain, his dealings with Galiana, Felka and the Conjoiners and how he became one himself as well as some early Revelation Space universe history A great story about war, diplomacy and betrayal5 stars Glacial also feature

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    There s just nobody like Alastair I ve had this on my shelf for a while, and I was worried that I might have forgotten crucial finer details from the Revelation Space trilogy and Chasm City in the post interim, but I just trusted the process and got immersed in the Ultras a

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