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Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring? Reading Wild Fling Or A Wedding Ring By Mira Lyn Kelly Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk On Her First Night In Chicago, Cali McGovern Meets Seriously Sexy Surgeon Jake Tyler Since She S Still Sore After Her Last Relationship, Her Head S Yelling Run But Her Body S Screaming For His Touch For The First Time Ever, Her Head Gets Overruled Jake Isn T Looking For A Wife Been There, Done That But His Hot New Neighbor Is In Town Just Long Enough For A Wild Fling Perfect Yet When The Time S Up, He Can T Say Goodbye Is That Just Because Of Their Sizzling Chemistry Or Something A Whole Lot Scarier 3.5 Rounding down for goodreads.After an interesting first chapter, the book gets bogged down in misunderstanding, and the characters spend too much time in their heads thinking about why they can t be together or how they can t resist each other The sex scenes are steamy and well written, and in the last half of the book, the story and characters get interesting I didn t care for either character in the first part of the book, but liked each better by the end The author does a goo Calista McGovern is only hanging out in a Chicago jazz club because her boss commanded it After throwing her career away years ago to move across the country for a man, only to have him cheat on her within the month, she s been entirely focused on work and regaining what she d lost This Chicago project she s been assigned to is a step towards the London assignment she s been coveting, and she s determined not to lose that focus All the determination in the world, however, is not enough to resist the pull of the sexy man who rescues her from a drunk s proposition at the bar, and Cali soon finds herself breaking her own rules and indulging in a taste of some man candy Jackson Tyler doesn t do relationships, not even the casual ones Since his marriage fell apart after his wife carried on a long term affair, he s stuck to casual encounters with the sort of women who neither want nor expect from him The conservatively dressed, yet fascinatingly sexy woman at the bar is clearly not that sort of woman, but he can t resist flirting with her and seeing where it leads When it leads to a hot and I mean HOT makeout session in a phonebooth at the back of the club, he knows he should run from the deadly combination of sizzling chemistry and sparkling personality, but he doesn t seem to want to follow his own rules with her.The two meet again the next m OK I read other reviews and couldn t quite believe a debut author could be that good Well, she is I really liked this heroine She was strong without being the b tchy type And was willing to risk her heart and the pain of loving And the hero, well, I really loved Jake though at times I wanted to smack him which really wasn t fair on my part as he was upfront with Cali right from the start Yes, this plot has been done before but she has put such a fresh f OMG I loved this book First of all the heroine had a job, she wasn t ready to give up everything for the hero and throughout the whole book you could feel the relationship and love grow I loved the ending and resolution especially Jack was an amazing hero.

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