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Enemy of God The Balance Of King Arthur S Unified Kingdom Is Threatened By Merlin S Quest For The Last Of Britain S 13 Treasures By The Conflict Between The Ancient Religion And The New Christianity And By Britain S War With The Saxons A Master Storyteller Continues His Retelling Of The Arthurian Legend.

About the Author: Bernard Cornwell

Cornwell was born in London in 1944 His father was a Canadian airman, and his mother, who was English, a member of the Women s Auxiliary Air Force He was adopted and brought up in Essex by the Wiggins family, who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict Protestant sect who banned frivolity of all kinds and even medicine After he left them, he changed his name to his birth mother s maiden n

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    4.5 5 StarsEnemy of God, the second book in The Warlord Chronicles trilogy by Bernard Cornwell, and the series so far, has truly been serendipity for me.As I mentioned in my previous review, I ve never bothered to start Cornwell s work, it brings me joy when someone, a friend even better again when it s from one of your fav

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    Book 1 3 Book 2 3.5 sThis darker and less romanticized view of Camelot picked up speed in book two I ve grown to enjoy and this version of the characters and especially the view of Lancelot and Guinevere who definitely don t come out smelling like roses.The clash between the Britons and the Saxons also escalates as does the pagans v

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    Bernard Cornwell does not disappoint and once again I enjoyed his book immensely The way he connects myth and fiction in this book is astonishing I applaud his singular storytelling skills and I cannot wait for next and unfortunately final book in this series

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    8 10A slight improvement on the previous novel but definitely a feel of a second book in a trilogy I enjoyed the first book but it took some time to get into and there were a hell of a lot of names to take on board only for the majority of them to die or no longer be involved after 50 pages This one was a little slow at the start and it took me a w

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    Back 2 back with a series which Ive not done in eons We pick up directly from the end of the prior book, the aftermath of the battle of Lugg Vale Derfel is again front centre retelling his story as an old monk Merlin is at the centre of the politics, others think they control the kingdom but in reality it is the druid his accolade Nimue that pull the stri

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    Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros Uma obra prima da literatura estrangeira Um dos melhores livros j lidos na minha vida Uma obra sem compara o Esse o nico jeito poss vel de come ar a resenhar esse livro magn fico de Bernard Cornwell Com uma narrativa absurdamente leal aos fatos descobertos pelo autor, somos transportados novamente para a Brit nia de a

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    So,an escape from formal literary pursuits.Cornwell is a consummate storyteller.He distills history,religion,myth,legend,magic and fable.This predates Game of Thrones but is a marvellous re imagining of the Arthurian legends.This is a story of Britain with religious persecution and invasion and immigration and clashes of Kings and clans.A version of the Arthurian saga

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    Number two in the Warlord series.This is the warts and all story of Arthur, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and the rest of the round table knights.There is nothing cosy and romantic about this tale Lancelot is a narcissistic pig Guinevere has delusions of grandeur and Arthur wants nothing than to be a farmer.The usual suspects, greed, power, sex, revenge and religion, keep getting

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    Enemy of God is a solid 4 stars, maybe even 5 stars I took a little away because I wanted Arthur to be a little cunning and realistic He comes across too na ve in areas where he should not be The portrayal of Christianity and how it spreads conflict is a major theme and isn t pretty But it is probably realistic While this Arthurian tale is not li...

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    After reading this, I have decided I don t want to read the third book in the series because if I do, it will end But no seriously, I will read it but I won t be happy to finish it it s just one of those epic series that you come across every so often that is that good you don t want to read it because when you have you can never read it again for a first time.This novel is fantastic, the

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