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Rose Daughter It Is The Heart Of This Place, And It Is Dying, Says The Beast And It Is True The Center Of The Beast S Palace, The Glittering Glasshouse That Brings Beauty Both Comfort And Delight In Her Strange New Environment, Is Filled With Leafless Brown Rosebushes But Deep Within This Enchanted World, New Life, At Once Subtle And Strong, Is About To Awaken.Twenty Years Ago, Robin McKinley Dazzled Readers With The Power Of Her Novel Beauty Now This Extraordinarily Gifted Novelist Returns To The Story Of Beauty And The Beast With A Fresh Perspective, Ingenuity, And Mature Insight With Rose Daughter, She Presents Her Finest And Most Deeply Felt Work A Compelling, Richly Imagined, And Haunting Exploration Of The Transformative Power Of Love.

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    This is Robin McKinley s second take on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale I m a lifelong fan of McKinley, but this book was my first indication that her writing style might be headed in a direction that is, shall we say, less accessible to the average reader I ve read Rose Daughter twice, several years apart, but still have extr

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    2.5 stars The first half wasn t that bad.Actually, mid way through this book I thought it was pretty good, and I was sure that this one was going to end up wrangling 4 or 5 stars out of me Oh well, I ve been wrong before Several things happened that lowered my enjoyment level down to nothing, and they all happened toward the end First,

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    I talk about my love for Robin McKinley s books a lot I know everyone s read Beauty It was her first book It s essentially a classic of fairy tale retellings now And I love it and will always love it for giving me a Beauty who was not beautiful and avoided mirrors at all cost and a Beast with a library of books from all the ages, including on

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    I read this book as a teenager but retained no memory of it After reading it again, I know why McKinley says in the afterward that she chose to revisit the Beauty and Beast story because she hadto say, especially about roses Well, that s about all she has to say in this book Lots about gardening, description of stuff, and cutesy wootsy little anima

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    Robin McKinley s Rose Daughter tells the story of Beauty and the Beast, which she has already told before, and in my opinion, better, in Book Beauty She claims she felt she had to retell the story when she learnedabout roses, after cultivating them Never have I read a book before where I felt so much like the author was simply marking time until she got

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    what a mess a slow, painful, overly descriptive mess it took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R to get into it and then once i did, i found the story only remotely interesting AND even that was like pulling teeth to get through why does she fall in love with him because of 6 or 7 encounters and conversations what s with all the animals and the cat that gave birth on her bed whi

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    The second of McKinley s Beauty and the Beast retellings.BtB is a problematic story arguably a Stockholm Syndrome romance but there are other aspects of the story that also interest me, which are brought to the forefront when reading two retellings of the story by the same author The similarities and differences, and the message we re supposed to take from the story

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    Definitely not my favourite of McKinley s works I thought I d like itthan Beauty, and in one sense I do, in that something that bothers me about the ending of Beauty is addressed here and a different sort of ending written I like the world, the sisters, the domestic stuff that as usual McKinley shines with I liked the castle and Beauty s work there, and the way other litt

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    I m not sure which of McKinley s Beauty and the Beast tellings I like better I liked the simplicity of Beauty, but Rose Daughter is a littlegrown up, and there s a littleworld building, and I went a little deeper into it than with Beauty because it haddepth to go into I enjoyed a lot of the descriptions and the bits of magic, and the foreshadowing for what actually happened at

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    The biggest problem I had with Rose Daughter is that it dragged in a very tedious way The main offender was the heroine, Beauty The reader is stuck with her as she spends a great deal of time alone tending her roses, having nightmares, and exploring an enchanted castle Unfortunately, she lacks the spunk, vivacity, and humor of her two older sisters and makes everything even unicorns

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