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Hitchcocks Films Revisited When Hitchcock S Films Was First Published, It Quickly Became Known As A New Kind Of Book On Film And A Necessary Text In The Growing Body Of Hitchcock Criticism When Robin Wood Returned To His Writings In Hitchcock S Films And Published Hitchcock S Films Revisited In 1989, The Multidimensional Essays Took On A New Shape One Tempered By Wood S Own Development As A Critic.This Revised Edition Of Hitchcock S Films Revisited Includes A Substantial New Preface In Which Wood Reveals His Personal History As A Film Scholar Including His Coming Out As A Gay Man, His Views On His Previows Critical Work, And How His Writings, His Love Of Film, And His Personal Life Have Remained Deeply Intertwined Through The Years This Revised Edition Includes All Eighteen Original Essays And A New Chapter On Marnie Titled You Freud, Me Hitchcock Does Mark Cure Marnie

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    Robin was one of my dearest friends I want to leave it at that He s a visionary pioneer in terms of film analysis, and loved red wine as much as myself I miss him If you respect Hitchcock AND gender, READ THIS.

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    Un livre r ellement int ressant.

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    Really helped me with my Hitchcock class on the films he analyzes Not all films were covered, but the ones that were, great insight

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    This is one of the must have books for any serious student of Hitchcock It will make you see his films in new ways The author had his own interesting journey from the time of his original book in the 60s to this revision from 1989, and that s reflected as well Personalities aside, reading Wood s agonizing reappraisal of Marnie is worth it for the

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    Though not as enjoyable to read as A Hitchcock Reader, the other textbook I used for this class, I greatly enjoyed reading this book, as well I think I prefer anthologies in general, as there are different voices to be heard, rather than only one This book also addressed many topics within films that I was interested in, though this is unique in that it an

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    A simply masterful work of criticism, and I say that as someone who findsthan a few of Wood s conclusions a stretch I still don t know if I can look at Hitchcock s work as such a progressive oeuvre, but Wood made me wrack my brain over the shots and scenarios he mentioned to see if I could refute them I never could It s also a highly readable distillation of some of

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    Perhaps still the foremost critic on Hitchcock s films, this is an update of Wood s landmark 1965 book that changed the director s reputation in the English speaking world No one else I ve read has captured so well what is greatest in Hitchcock s films while pointing out their occasional weaknesses The book is also a portrait of Wood s own evolution from callow wanna be and c

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    Robin Wood digs pretty deeply into the themes and subtexts of a selection of Hitchcock films saying a lot about gender, sexuality especially homosexuality , ambiguity, morality, psycho analysis An excellent read and a vital reference for anyone interested in film I love that he loves Marnie on...

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    This book is amazing for being an interesting interpretation of Hitchcock s films, but also for being damned ballsy in its interpretation too Sample The author sees Cary Grant s Roger O Thornhill as a symbol for Christ Because of his last name Thorn Hill Crown of Thorns Died on a hill Crazy

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    Bored with the David Mitchell novel I ve been reading, I plucked this analysis of Hitchcock s films off my shelf, where it had been languishing for a couple of years and read it essentially cover to cover in one sitting Who knew that film scholarship could be so compelling

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