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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Updated with brand new entries to describe the most recent major motion pictures, this critically acclaimed volume spans than a century of moviemaking, concisely describingof the best films from around the world New in this edition are entries to describe such film hits as Lord of the Rings , Mystic River , Fahrenheit , and Million Dollar Baby But in fact, this volume s team of critics goes back to , describing such films as The Great Train Robbery , and progressing chronologically across the decades to cover the best cinematic dramas, comedies, westerns, musicals, suspense and horror films, gangster classics, films noirs , sci fi epics, documentaries, and adaptations of novels and stage plays made by filmmakers around the world Movie fans will find descriptions of great musicals like Singing in the Rain , westerns like High Noon , science fiction classics like Star Wars , dramas like Chinatown and Schindler s List , and international classics from master directors who include Fellini, Antonioni, Resnais, Truffaut, Eisenstein, Kurosawa, and many othersEach entry includes a full list of cast and credits, awards won by the film, an essay summarizing the story line and screen history, and still shots of the film s memorable scenes At the back of the book, both an alphabetical index and a genre index will help readers find any film they re looking for The book is illustrated with hundreds of movie still shots in color and black and white

About the Author: Steven Jay Schneider

Steven Jay Schneider is a film critic, scholar, and producer with M.A degrees in Philosophy from Harvard University and in Cinema Studies from New York University He is the author and editor of numerous books on world cinema, most notably in the horror genre They include Eurohorror, The Cinema of Wes Craven An Auteur on Elm Street, Designing Fear An Aesthetics of Cinematic Horror, Killing in Style Artistic Murder in the Movies, Understanding Film Genres, and Traditions in World Cinema He is also a consultant for film, television, and home video DVD production companies, a curator for world horror film programs, and a staff member in development for Paramount Pictures Among his recent titles are 501 Movie Stars and 501 Movie Directors, both available in North America from Barron s Two additional titles from Barron s are scheduled for publication in Spring 09 They are 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die and 101 Sci Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die.

10 thoughts on “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

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    If you only ever saw movies from this 1001 list you d be missing a whole ton of fun and you d have to be really quite insane but still you d have a pretty great time Yeah, your favourite movie may well not be in here but you know what Yo

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    I m annoyed Color me annoyed Which is a shade close to mustard yellow.1001 movies ONE THOUSAND AND ONE MOVIES.And they didn t include The Labyrinth Or Mary Poppins Or The Seven Year Itch Or a multitude of other movies that there is absolutely N

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    I really like this book.It is arranged in chronological order from the 1900s to the present day.The films contained therein, are a real variety of genres and styles.There are reviews and information about many films I am familiar with, and a good few

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    RATING 4 STARS2017 Barron s Educational Series Review Not on Blog I love these kind of reference books on movies as it is interesting to see how my opinion differs or is the similar Very easy to read and fun I received an eARC from EDELWEISS

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    Since this list keeps getting updated, it s a bit of moving target, meaning that newer editions by necessity have to chop off evenolder titles in order to accommodate the newer entrants So, does this mean that movies on the older lists that haven t been forwarded t

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    My face was glued to this book from the minute I got it I ve only seen 131 of these movies, so my to watch list has grown considerably D

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    I am not a huge movie person, but I wanted to see how many of these I have already seen, and I haven t seen very many Movies just aren t my thing but these are the ones I have seen Angels with Dirty Faces 1938Mr Smith Goes to Washington 1939Wizard of Oz 1939Pinocchio 1940Casabla

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    So generic it s almost frustrating PS, you don t need to see Independence Day before you die.

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    I m not sure when one is allowed to mark this as read but I ve read the introductions and ticked every movie I ve seen so I d say that s as close as I can get right now From what I ve seen the collection seems to be pretty solid, some of my favourite especially newer films are missing but as

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    I finished it I would not recommend a cover to cover read this book, ironically, became like a movie that had overstayed its welcome It would be a great book for film buffs to turn into every few days and find a new movie for the evening I ll stick to rewatching Peep Show.

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