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Midnight Angel Her nightmares don t stop when she opens her eyes In one night, talented musician Allegra Ennis lost her sight, her father and her career in a brutal attack she can t remember Now she s alone in a world of darkness, her only company the nightmares in her head and a killer is stalking her every moveScarred and disfigured by war, tough former SEAL Douglas Kowalski never thought a beauty like Allegra could love someone like him He doesn t expect than a one night stand But when Allegra s life is threatened, Kowalski realizes he will do anything to keep her safe and by his side

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    This is book three in the Midnight series and my favorite of them all because not only was it was an incredibly hot read butimportantly, it was also a beautiful love story I d venture to say it was a Beauty and the Beast meets An Officer and a Gentleman modern day fairy tale.Douglas face wa

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    First time for me reading this author, finally making the jump because one my friends was reading it.It was okay I liked it but didn t enjoy myself that much The suspense was reduced to zero for me as it was pretty clear what was happening to the heroine as for the romance part Well, I m not

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    I love you, he said quietly So much it scares me I ve only known you for a couple of days yet I feel like I ve loved you all my life I know I ll love you for the rest of my lifeThis was one of my favorite novels by LMR and my most adored book in the Midnight series I couldn t ask for aperfect

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    This just my be my favorite book from the Midnight series As all the reviews I ve read said this was a Beauty and the Beast love story and it was beautiful I absolutely fell in love with Douglas He was so beautifully gentle with Allegra, a recently blinded young woman who was beaten, and becau

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    This is my favorite Lisa Marie Rice book so far It s basically a Beauty and the Beast type story The heroine Allegra is a beautiful singer musician who recently lost her sight after a brutal attack that she can t remember the hero Douglas is an opera loving, former Navy SEAL, scarred and disfig

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    Another hot steamy book, short, intense and wonderful I liked this book the best out of the series, It is a modern day erotica version of Beauty and the Beast Douglas is a big scary macho caveman with a heart as big as the moon Lover of music and the beauty he finds in it He is stunned and speec

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    Another great one from Lisa Marie Rice I loved the beauty and the beast theme This rough and dangerous ex seal turned into mush when he meets his beauty If you like to read about protective men who take complete care with their women, this is the book and series for you I love how we got to read

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    4,3 Stars I love these cave men so alpha.Another hot, exciting and fun book in the Midnight Series by Lisa Marie Rice Midnight Angel, the third and last book in the series was just like the other two a story about a big tough ex warrior former SEAL who finds his first love in a beautiful girl in n

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    4.5 starsMy second LMR book and my favorite so far Her plots seem to be the sameor less powerful, strong man meets beautiful woman and they fall in love within a a few days period, while some bad guys are after them And they have a lot of sex during those days I mean a lot of HOT sex Though these b

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    Loved it The best one in the series my opinion This was such an amazing rendition of Beauty and the Beast Douglas swoon loved your patience, kindness, tenderness, and above all your love for sweet Allegra Bravo

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