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Easy Riders, Raging Bulls This Down And Dirty Romp Through Hollywood In The 1970s Introduces The Young Filmmakers Coppola, Scorsese, Lucas, Spielberg, Altman, And Beatty And Recreates An Era That Transformed American Culture Forever.

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    However much is true, however much really happened that way, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls How The Sex N Drugs N Rock N Generation Saved Hollywood by Peter Biskind remains one of my favorite non fiction reads For those who hear film history and think Titanic, in 1967, the major American film studios were in such disarray and the counterculture seemed to be overturning

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    This book is alternately fabulous and frustrating In the fabulous column, Biskind is to be commended for his incredibly thorough research How he got an interview with producer Bert Schneider is beyond my comprehension the guy is a total recluse, and one of the most fascinating figures in Hollywood history I love the way he puts across the story telling abilities of his

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    Directors don t have much power any, the executives make unheard of amounts of money, and budgets areout of control than they ever were And there hasn t been a classic in ten yearsFrancis Ford CoppolaAfter Bonnie and Clyde opened, Stefan Kanfer defined the New Hollywood in the most perfect waydisregard for time honored pieties of plot, chronology, and motivation a promiscuous

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    My thoughts on Easy Riders, Raging Bulls can be summarized by two comparisons 1 Game Change Both books let gossip get in the way of solid storytelling Game Change would give paragraphs of great accounts of political strategy which is right in my wheelhouse then get sidetracked with anecdotes of how Elizabeth Edwards is a bitch, John Edwards is a dandy, and what Hilary Clinton wore

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    The upshot of this book s negative reviews seems to be that it is too full of gossip I m trying to imagine someone who buys a book about the film industry and is surprised, much less disappointed, by encountering gossip.According to Biskind, the great party house in the early 70s was the little A frame Margot Kidder and Jennifer Salt rented for 400 a month on Nicholas Beach near Malibu N

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    The book had the potential to be awesome and interesting and really informative A lot of amazing movies were made in the 1970 s A lot of interesting things happened in Hollywood as to how movies were made, and the balances of power Picking up this book, that is what it alludes to be about It will talk about the New Hollywood directors Scorsese, Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola, etc etc, and what they

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    Peter Biskind is a yenta The book is hefty with gossip of all kinds, which is too bad because he s talking about the revolution in films in the 60 s to early 80 s When he does talk about how the movies changed, both in cinematography, plot development, in every way, Biskind is insightful and intelligent, but he doesn t dwell on such matters for very long.Worse, you re reading along about one topic a

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    I always wonder how this book ever got published, because I don t think there s anything good in it about any of the directors and actors highlighted therein Not Coppola, not Bogdanovich, not Ashby or Lucas or Spielberg or Scorse To a man, they are portrayed as selfish, ruthless, megalomaniacal, self destructive I almost wonder just how accurate this book surely they can t all ...

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    Unfortunately this is less of the untold story of the birth of the Auteur directors of 70 s you know the onesCoppola, Scorsese, DE Palma, ect anda gossipy, vindictive, and mean spirited expose of how terrible all those people where at all timesthe whole book seems petty and dishonest Don t get me wrong, it s not that I believe that these people are saints that should be above all criticism, it s that the writin

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    Fantastic portrait of the best dozen years of American film and the insane circumstances that created them Essential reading for any aspiring film dork One part cultural anthropology, one part film criticism, one part gossip rag Sample Dennis Hopper shenanigans in the early 80s Still convinced the mob was on his tail, he pulled a geographic, ending up in L.A shooting coke and heroin, and then on to Mexico, where he h

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