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Teach Me Every once in awhile I allow myself the luxury of writing a short review This is one of those times.R.A Nelson s Teach Me starts out smarter than the YA level that it seems hellbent on lowering itself to Nelson does an excellent job at the outset capturing the mindset of a nerdy, gawky high school girl who has fallen in love with her English teacher The book seems credible up to and slightly beyond the point where the affair is consummated but then becomes annoying in the second half as Carolina s desperation for some kind of closure leads to increasingly outlandish situations Nelson allows the protagonist the conceit of the asexual wisecracking eunuch male best friend sidekick, Schuyler, yes, as in Skyler might as well have named him Percy Peabody or something of the type who only exists in fiction and who I suppose is meant to prove that young boys can be good eggs, but which merely turns Schuyler into a bit of an insulting ciphe Last night when I was finishedI thought maybe 2 or 3 stars, but the it sits with me, the I find myself thinking about it All I do know is that the writers words are the bulk of this 4 stars The heartbreak and complete unraveling of Nine made me ache Did I think a seventeen year old would have much of this dialogue with themselves No, I don t However, Nine is articulate, introspective than most seventeen year olds Plus her feelings of first love, which is actually of first obsession, and then first heartbreak are palpable in such a devastating way you can t help but think that the writing is brilliant.I don t condone a relationship between a teacher and student I m not going to debate the ethics of teacher getting into a relationship with an almost 18 year old student It was an abuse of power no matter which way you paint it, but unlike a lot of stories that sensationalize such relationships, this book was different Even in the media when a story comes out about a student teacher affair, it s often painted as sexual fling between an innocent teen and irresponsible adult However, the relationship between Nine and Mr Mann goes far beyond a teacher student fling There is mutual interests, mutual consideration and the way these characters are written, the relationship isn t sensationa Reading Teach Me Author R.A Nelson Vinoschilenos.eu Teach Me Invites Readers Inside An Experience That Fascinates Everyone An Affair Between A Teacher And Student, And Gives An Up Close And Personal Answer To The Question How Does This Happen The Hardcover Edition Of Teach Me Was A Booksense Fall 2006 Kid S Pick, A TeenReads.com Best Book Of 2005, And A Selection For The 2006 NYPL Books For The Teen Age. Maybe I am just too old but I really didn t like this book at all I force myself to read all the way to the end of any book I start, because I feel like you really never know but at the end of this book I just wished I had a time machine to go back before I bought it I think that, yes, obviously when you write a book, it is going to reflect your personally somewhat, but while I was reading this book I couldn t help but feeling like the author wanted to include ALL her interests to an extreme It was written like it was MEANT to feel really intense to draw you in and make you feel what the character Nine was feeling but it missed the mark for me I like books where I can rel Novels about teacher student affairs always both repulse intrigue me, especially YA novels The first one I read was Gone by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson, about a post graduation summer fling between a male senior and his pretty, young, former teacher The story was crushingly sad overtly sexual, it had an overall half baked feeling to it, unable to compensate for such a disturbing depressing story with stellar writing Teach Me reverses the genders sets the story during the school year, without really addressing the complexity of that situation The story is no less unsettling depressing than that of Gone, but Nelson compels the reader through the whole miserable journey alongside a charming endearing narrator, whom I just wanted to hug through most of the novel.Carolina s voice, manically ranging from clever to crazed as the affair progresses ends, is combined with an entertaining suspenseful mystery style plot to create a readable story about a reprehensible relationship, than anything like a young adult Lolita Nelson even has a touch of that Nabokov ian fourth wall humor Carolina s first very taboo lover is appropriately named Mr Mann.But the overall test is whether or not I would fee This book is a must read for anyone who has experienced an overpowering, out of the universe crush on a High School teacher Unless you have an abnormally profound passion for Astronomy, the intensity of a teenage girl s emotional spectrum or simply like the idea of Emily Dickinson on Seville Marmalade, I would probably not recommend you to read this book and rather run screaming to Mongolia Fortunately, I think most of us can relate to that High School moment when Mr X came sweeping through the classroom door and The Police started echoing through the biology lessons for circa the rest of the year No Not Just me Oh heads for Mongolia Nine, our beloved protagonist, is intense The novel is basically a stream of consciousness print out from the mind of this INTENSE, science addicted, INTJ, too smart for her own good teenage girl And she knows it She knows just about everything That is, until a certain Mr Mann comes sweeping don t stand, don t stand, don t stand so close to me and her senses are blown into the dept Carolina Nine Livingstone, an apt name for the daughter of a physicist, takes a poetry unit for her last semester of high school thinking it will give her a broader scope on life It does that all right For while Nine has plenty of smarts, she s not so accomplished when it comes to relationships Nine falls for the new poetry teacher hard and fast, and it isn t long until Mr Mann begins to respond to Nine s hankering to be taught.What surprised me when I picked this book up from the library shelf was the number of glowing reviews this book received in its year of publication 2005 , not only from bloggers and authors, but from librarians With its provocative title and subject matter, I expected titillation from Teach Me, perhaps even smut But how smutty can a book be if the Iowa City School District gives it the Best Young Adult Literature Award The writing in Teach Me is exquisite Incomparable Utterly original I m finding it hard to write anything but platitudes right now The writing is razor sharp but never miserly stuffed full of science and historical anec See, I enjoyed this and felt it was well written but the resolution at the end was just way to abrupt. What happens when a teacher ends a love affair with his student She goes batshit crazy But not in a way that s at all interesting or entertaining or even particularly sympathetic. I m sorry, I try to avoid saying it when I can, but this book was terrible Completely disappointing because at the beginning I thought it had a lot of potential, but it was completely rushed and unbelievable and at the end, completely crazy.Points of interest 1 The writing style from the beginning was odd It felt very unfinished and even frantic, when what we needed was some sort of clarity I m not sure it was smart to start in the middle of the affair and not explain anything until later.2 I did not like that his name was Mr Mann I m not sure what she was trying to say about men with that name I also thought Carolina s nickname, Nine, was distracting than helpful to understanding her character Though I did like how she felt like she was just a number to him.3 Why was the whole thing with Alicia treated like such a mystery and almost like it was something horribly bizarre I pretty much figured she was pregnant but the way they were going on about it I thought there must be something else.4 The last half of the book is completely absurd I almost thought maybe it was supposed to be satire except we really had no warning of that I thought it was supposed to be serious and clearly the publisher thought that too did they even read t

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R.A Nelson s work was selected as a finalist for National Public Radio s list of the Best Young Adult Fiction Ever Written He was chosen a Horn Book Newcomer and his books have been nominated to the YALSA Best Books for Young Adults list and recognized by the Parents Choice Awards, the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age list, Booksense Kid Picks, the Miami Herald Best Books of the

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