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Slow Love Just as you see of Nature when you are quiet you discover of your own sexual emotional depths when you become still In Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book, you will discover a pacific, unifying approach to passion James N Powell s writings on Polynesian lovemaking have been warmly embraced in Japan, where they sparked the Polynesian sex vogue Inspired by Powell s writings, Hiroyuki Itsuki, Japan s uber author and Buddhist thinker, penned two volumes on South Seas sensuality Also, Kunio Kitamura, Head of Japan s Family Planning Association, enthusiastically promotes Powell s thoughts on Polynesian style passion as a way for couples to deepen sexual sensitivity and fulfillment He writes Polynesian sexinvolves taking a long timeandallows energy in the form of weak electromagnetic waves similar to the concept of ki to flow, building up to create large waves that encompass the entire body and bring enormous pleasure and happiness For several years, James N Powell has been changing the way the Japanese make love, as part of a government effort to boost Japan s declining population His secret Slow Sex Here, he suggests that just as you see of nature when you are quiet, you ll discover of your own sexual emotional depths when you become still Spirituality Health Magazine May June 2009

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