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The Emperor and the Wolf Akira Kurosawa And Toshiro Mifune Made Sixteen Feature Films Together, Including Rashomon, Seven Samurai, And Yojimbo All Undisputed Masterworks Of World Cinema The Emperor And The Wolf Is An In Depth Look At These Two Great Artists And Their Legacy That Brims With Behind The Scenes Details, Many Never Before Known, About Their Tumultuous Lives And Stormy Relationships With The Studios And With One Another More Than Just A Biography, Though, The Emperor And The Wolf Is Also An Impromptu History Of Japanese Cinema Its Development, Filmmakers, And Performers And A Provocative Look At Postwar American And Japanese Culture And The Different Lenses Through Which Two Great Societies Viewed Each Other.

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    This book had come out a few years ago, and I kept waiting to buy it Several years later, and now out of print, it commands up to several hundred dollars.I staked out Ebay and after time sniped a softcover for 50 I was pretty damned excited.For the first few chapters I was on fire Here was an in depth, passionate, clearly written biography of an amazing pair of collaberators Akira Kurosawa, director and Toshiro Mifune, actor I couldn t wait to read .So much for that.About 1 3 of the wa T

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    A combination biography filmography of both Kurosawa and Mifune It s a huge book, and many of the films discussed are unavailable in English or outside of Japan, if at all In some cases this is annoying some of them sound amazing and useful since your chances of finding them is basically nonexistent so some info is better than none Galbraith goes to great lengths to paint Kurosawa and Mifune as the complex individuals that they are no simple good guy vs bad guy portraits while A combination bi

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    This book is MASSIVE I bought it back when it first came out and then stopped reading it because I felt like I was ruining the viewing experience for myself with the Kurosawa Mifune films that I have yet to watch.Someday I wi...

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    A filmography in the guise of biography.

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    The Emperor and the Wolf is an ambitious dual biography that succeeds to varying degrees depending on what you are expecting from it I think there are five main areas that the author attempted to cover in this 600 page treatise 1 The professional works of Akira Kurosawa2 The professional works of Toshiro Mifune3 Japanese Cinema from the 1940 s through the 1980 s4 The personal life of Akira Kurosawa5 The personal life of Toshiro MifuneI ve used numbers instead of bullet points, because t The Emperor and the Wolf

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    If you re looking for biographical information on these two towering figures, then assume an extra star I wasn t interested in the biographical stuff myself I just wanted to read about some of the greatest movies ever made That stuff is excellent, by the way I like that theunderrated bits of Mifune s filmography the stuff without Kurosawa gets proper attention, particularly Samurai Rebellion, one of my very faorite films I could condense a 100 150 page book out of this that I d re r If you re looking for biographical

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    Phew, what a story This tome is indispensable for anyone with any interest in Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune, and it offers valuable insights into the development of Japanese cinema as a whole from the end of the Second World War through the end of the 20th century And while it s possible to question some of Galbraith s judgments I like Kagemusha and Scandal a lotthan Galbraith seems to he has opened my eyes to Kurosawa films I had no idea I wanted to see especially Madadayo Phew, what a story This tome is indispensable

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    There aren t enough books on both Kurosawa and Mifune, two legends of Japanese cinema You can t go wrong with this it isof a biography of their work than their lives, but it s the best out there at the minute Well worth a read.

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    I finished this book with the distinct impression the author takes films and film making too seriously On a personal note I cheerfully skipped the reviews of the movies by U.S critics, they re reviews would not reflect on me and happily I watched some of Akira Kurosawa s films without being influenced by reviews at all Which in his case and in the case of many other movies it is wise not to follow film critic reviews, you may miss out on a treat otherwise For myself I was look on film as an I finished this book with the distinct impre

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    As a huge fan of Kurosawa and Mifune, each getting my vote for the all time best in his chosen craft, I salivated over the possibility of reading this book, and paid through the nose on eBay to get one While thrilled to learn of non Kurosawa Japanese films I had never heard of and have since been watching, and grateful for the extensive research this author put in and the breadth of his knowledge, I had hoped for acompelling read I read a LOT of biographies, and enjoy those that have a f As a huge fan of Kurosawa and Mifune, each getting my

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