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A South Texas Christmas A South Texas Christmas By Stella Bagwell Released On Oct , Is Available Now For Purchase

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    Jen s Review Despite the misleading title Christmas really has nothing to do with the story , Stella Bagwell has created a solid read.Raine has always wanted to find her father So when she sees an old photo of a woman she believes is her mother, she contacts Neil, a lawyer, who is searching for the missing woman Raine s mother lost her memory when Raine was a baby and doesn t want Raine to dig in the past

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    Me gust el romance de los protagonistas Que por aclarar un misterio los unir para siempre Por fin se aclar el paradero de la madre de Linc Con este libro se cierra las historias de la familia Ketchum para comenzar otras historias unidas a ellas como las de la familia S nchez.

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    These smaller books are so easy to read and the stories are really good as this one by Stella Bagwell A South Texas Christmas.This story is about Raine Crockett who lives on a huge estate called Sandbur Ranch , she and her Mom came there when she was a baby and she has grown up there and now holds a job in the business end.Her Mother had lost her memory after an accident and was found near this estate, but Raine always wonde

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    A good story with a nice believable mystery to be solved I like the way the couple fell in love even though they didn t admit it before falling into bed.

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