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Valentine Written With The Haunting Emotional Power Of Elizabeth Strout And Barbara Kingsolver, An Astonishing Debut Novel That Explores The Lingering Effects Of A Brutal Crime On The Women Of One Small Texas Oil Town In The SMercy Is Hard In A Place Like ThisIt S February , And Odessa, Texas, Stands On The Cusp Of The Next Great Oil Boom While The Town S Men Embrace The Coming Prosperity, Its Women Intimately Know And Fear The Violence That Always Seems To FollowIn The Early Hours Of The Morning After Valentine S Day, Fourteen Year Old Gloria Ram Rez Appears On The Front Porch Of Mary Rose Whitehead S Ranch House, Broken And Barely Alive The Teenager Had Been Viciously Attacked In A Nearby Oil Field An Act Of Brutality That Is Tried In The Churches And Barrooms Of Odessa Before It Can Reach A Court Of Law When Justice Is Evasive, The Stage Is Set For A Showdown With Potentially Devastating ConsequencesValentine Is A Haunting Exploration Of The Intersections Of Violence And Race, Class And Region In A Story That Plumbs The Depths Of Darkness And Fear, Yet Offers A Window Into Beauty And Hope Told Through The Alternating Points Of View Of Indelible Characters Who Burrow Deep In The Reader S Heart, This Fierce, Unflinching, And Surprisingly Tender Novel Illuminates Women S Strength And Vulnerability, And Reminds Us That It Is The Stories We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us Alive

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    An astonishingly unforgettable debut from the talented Elizabeth Wet, historical fiction set in the searing heat and dust of West Texas, in the cursed bust and boom oil town of Odessa in 1976, a white man s town in every which way, where men die in a variety of circumstances but if a woman dies, its likely than not to be at the hands of a ma

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    I m still basking with profound aw Review to come.Update My little book review Valentine , by Elizabeth Wet will be released in April 2020..Put it on your wishlist Pre pay order it beg borrow or steal it Literary readers will fall in love with this novel Fiction readers will simply love the characters will ache at times, be moved other times E

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    Hey there, Valentine His soft drawl marked him as not from here, but not that far away either, and his words took the ugly right out of the parking lot Her mouth went dry as a stick of chalk She had been standing next to the lone picnic table parked in the center of the drive in, a shaky wooden hub in the middle of a few cars and trucks, doing

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    The year is 1976 and Odessa, Texas is experiencing an oil boom Men from different locations have all come to the fields, looking for work and a chance to make big money They are hard working, but also hard drinking, which creates potential problems for the women in the town.The book opens with an act of violence against a 14 yr Old Mexican girl

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    A must read I will never forget this book or my experience reading Valentine It wasn t easy to be a girl or woman in Odessa, Texas in 1976, and this book is about those women living the day to day When Gloria Ramirez is violently attacked, the town is ripped apart Gossip, blame, shame, and pure meanness rear their ugly heads.Valentine was not an

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    Profound Poignant Authentic Raw Beautiful Elizabeth Wet s debut Took my breath away and left me speechless There is no way that my words can do this story justice It was so beautifully written, so emotionally evocative, so true and authentic West Texas 1976 The land is dry, the oil is pumping, guns are prevalent, racism is rampid, the good ole boy

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    Valentine takes place during 1976 in Odessa, Texas on the brink of another oil boom There is nothing romantic about life in Odessa It is a hard place filled with hard men You know those good ole boys that work hard, drink hard and expect women to know their place and stay there but this is really about the women A young girl is brutally raped This

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    The Year 1976 The place Odessa, West Texas Oil boom It s hell, hard, harsh, brutal, bigoted, full of machismo, mayhem, sexism, violence and injustice When Gloria Ramirez, 15, is brutally raped it sets of a kind of chain reaction of blame, counter blame, prejudice, gossip and bigoted innuendo that some women are never the same again Dale Strickland i

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    Haunting and exquisite, this is the sort of book that carried a heavy stillness when I read it, where nothing else seemed to exist besides me and the story I was reading.This book is so beautifully written, Elizabeth Wet is truly talented and brings a depth and authenticity to the heavy topics dealt with in this story It is also a story that I m part

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    There was so much sadness to this story as well as some parts that made me angry but it made for an incredible reading experience I feel like this book just spoke to me as a woman, and that s not something I say very often, if ever I m kicking myself that I let a copy of this book sit on my shelf for months before finally picking it up This is a book

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