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The Wife Stalker Breezing Into The Tony Seaside Paradise Of Westport, Connecticut, Gorgeous Thirtysomething Piper Reynard Sets Down Roots, Opening A Rehab And Wellness Space And Joining A Local Yacht Club When She Meets Leo Drakos, A Handsome, Successful Lawyer, The Wedding Ring On His Finger Is The Only Thing She Doesn T Like About Him Yet As Piper Well Knows, No Marriage Is PermanentMeanwhile, Joanna Has Been Waiting Patiently For Leo, The Charismatic Man She Fell In Love With All Those Years Ago, To Re Emerge From The Severe Depression That Has Engulfed Him Though She S Thankful When Leo Returns To His Charming, Energetic Self, Paying Attention Again To Evie And Stelli, The Children They Both Love Beyond Measure, Joanna Is Shocked To Discover That It S Not Her Loving Support That S Sparked His Renewed Happiness It S Something Else Piper Leo Has Fallen Head Over Heels For The Flaky, New Age Y Newcomer, And Unrepentant And Resolute, He S Than Willing To Leave Joanna Behind, Along With Everything They Ve Built Of Course, He Assures Her, She Can Still See The ChildrenJoanna Is Devastated And Determined To Find Something, Anything, To Use Against This Woman Who Has Stolen Her Life And Her True Love As She Digs Deeper Into Piper S Past, Joanna Begins To Unearth Disturbing Secrets But When She Confides To Her Therapist That She Fears For The Lives Of Her Ex Husband And Children, Her Concerns Are Dismissed As Paranoia Can She Find The Proof She Needs In Time To Save Them

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    Leo Drakos has been in a funk for months but Joanna stays by his side faithfully She keeps busy raising young Evie and Stelli while he works through his depression As time goes by it seems that Leo is beginning to feel better His smile is back and the sparkle in his eyes reminds her of the man she fell in love with years ago Maybe this is the fresh start they need All is not what it seems though The smile, the sparkling eyes, the new found vig

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    A mixed review from me.I really liked the beginning of the book and found the characters interesting and would have enjoyed discussing their behavior I was so looking forward to being surprised and trying to figure out just which way the author would weave it togetherBUT, somewhere in the middle I began to skim and was just wanting something to happen Too much ordinary day to day narrative that was just not compelling or adding anything to the story I

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    As usual this duo never disappoints me Yet another twisty one Review to come.really soon.

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    Oh, you sneaky sisters Liv Constantine got me in the best possible way with The Wife Stalker, a wicked, whip smart bag of tricks about a woman fighting to hold onto her family Read this one in one long gulp, then read it again to see what you missed the first time through I promise you won t see it coming.

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    Absolutely brilliant thriller WOW I was blown away by one of the most twisted and unpredictable endings I ve ever read This fast paced and suspenseful read easily kept my attention and I was considering it a solid 4 s, until that ending The book alternates between two sides of the story Joanna, the soon to be ex wife, and Piper, the new woman in Leo s life They each give us their interpretation of the circumstances One woman out to steal another s husband always gets my shac

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    The Wife Stalker is a daring, dastardly story with complex characters and a sinister plot A read through the night thriller that mesmerizes to the final page An absolute must for your 2020 list

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    Very fast paced and light, you can read this book quickly and still enjoy it The story is broken out in two POVs, but I felt that they never got deep into the root of the drama Everything was very surface level, and felt disjointed when the narrative was advancing While this is better than their release last year, I just don t think I m meant to read anything by Liv Constantine This is me throwing in the towel However, the book does wrap up with a juicy and satisfying ending.

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    Piper Reynard decides to leave California behind for Westport, Connecticut in an attempt to recreate herself She establishes a wellness center and quickly finds success It is there that she meets Leo Drakos who is investigating a client She is immediately attracted to him but notices that he is wearing a wedding ring Leo has been suffering from depression and his wife Joanna is happy that the man that she loves is returning to his former self He is reconnecting with their two young children and he

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    I m still catching up on my reviews from vacation and dreaming about the days I was on the beach with a cocktail It seriously feels like another lifetime, right when we got home shit started to hit the fan and it s like a totally different world now Crazy, scary, sad and weird times Speaking of, how s everyone doing I m all over the place in all aspects of my life, from parenting to reading I m struggling to deal with anything I feel like that s all of us though, right Ok, let me tell you about The Wife St

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    Wow, I was blown away I devoured this book I was so wrong the twists came crashing up side my head I never saw the ending coming This would make a great movie I saw it play out on each page These two sisters are now the queens of psychological thrillers in my book.5 stars two times I HIGHLY recommend this book.The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.

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