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Evvie Drake Starts Over In A Small Town In Maine, Recently Widowed Eveleth Evvie Drake Rarely Leaves Her House Everyone In Town, Including Her Best Friend, Andy, Thinks Grief Keeps Her Locked Inside, And She Doesn T Correct Them In New York, Dean Tenney, Former Major League Pitcher And Andy S Childhood Friend, Is Struggling With A Case Of The Yips He Can T Throw Straight Any, And He Can T Figure Out Why An Invitation From Andy To Stay In Maine For A Few Months Seems Like The Perfect Chance To Hit The Reset Button When Dean Moves Into An Apartment At The Back Of Evvie S House, The Two Make A Deal Dean Won T Ask About Evvie S Late Husband, And Evvie Won T Ask About Dean S Baseball Career Rules, Though, Have A Funny Way Of Being Broken And What Starts As An Unexpected Friendship Soon Turns Into Something But Before They Can Find Out What Might Lie Ahead, They Ll Have To Wrestle A Few Demons The Bonds They Ve Broken, The Plans They Ve Changed, And The Secrets They Ve Kept They Ll Need A Lot Of Help, But In Life, As In Baseball, There S Always A Chance Right Up Until The Last Out 2 stars Sadly, I ended up disliking most aspects of this novel It might appeal to those looking for a light summer read that isn t necessarily funny or moving Throughout the novel I had the impression that I was reading an early draft rather than a completed and published version of a book The story as such seemed incomplete We have the inciting incident Dean becomes Evvie s tenant and then nothing much beyond that happens It seems they start experiencing romantic feelings for each other during their very first meeting insta love, yay and I never bought into their relationship They had stilted conversation and their flirting was painful to read there was this attempt to make their banter playful but it ended up being babyish and completely cringeworthy The relationship between Evvie and Dean is meant to propel the storybut given how flat these characters are, I had little interest in their budding romance The whole let s fix each other trope was handled in a way that made a lot of their actions seem invasive, controlling, and downright bad eg stalking, invasion of privacy Within a few chapters I found that their personalities were non existent and that their actual character completely hinged on a trauma Dean s character can t throw straight any while Evvie is keeping a secret about her relationship to her now dead husband Side characters were rather clich d Evvie s best friend happens to be a man and initially I appreciated their platonic relationship so I was disappointed by the way it was portrayed Other characters were entirely forgettable and bland Evvie s husband is the classic bad cold guy who is nice to most people except his wife I guess that having a not so nuanced character makes it easier for him to seem just bad making Evvie some sort of sympathetic martyr It was so boring The characters and the story had so little to offer Their conversations were worded in such a way that they offered little clarity for example Evvie recounts some an event for two pages in a way that made little sense An uneventful story lack of humour superficial relationships little emotionand there you have it Evvie Drake Starts Over Maybe readers who can look past the unimaginative writing style will be able to appreciate this than I did Read reviews on my blog This is a very charming novel It is a juicy red apple It is a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils It is, and I mean this in the best possible way, a Hallmark movie, but with richly drawn characters who are imperfect and interesting Evvie Drake s asshole husband has died but no one knows he was an asshole and so she has to deal with her community s expectations of how she should grieve as she tries to be who every one in her life wants her to be Or who she thinks they want to be And then there is Dean, a Major League Baseball pitcher for the Yankees who has come to a small town in Maine to hide from the life he can no longer live He rents a room from Evvie and they become friends and lots of fun things happen This is a sweet romance novel The beginning moves slowly in ways that were frustrating but the payoff was well earned I can t wait for the Hallmark movie. A romance about adults acting like adults They have actual conversations They fall in love because they REALLY LIKE EACH OTHER They make mistakes and then apologize They have nuanced friendships with people of the opposite sex They help each other, and sometimes it goes wrong They have complicated relationships with their careers and parents There is also kissing 4.5 Definitely not your average Rom Com This is raw, true life The twist and turns it takes along the journey The pieces you need to pick up in order to move forward.Evvie married her high school sweetheart On the day she s planning to take on life in a new direction, her husband is killed in a car accident With the snap of a finger, Evvie is left to regroup, and somehow find the strength to start overagain Time for Evvie 3.0Dean was living the dream A star pitcher for the New York Yankees Everything he wished for in life was laid out in front of him That is until he could no longer throw a strike, quickly finding himself a wash out Dean is left searching for answers, trying to find himself, as his dream collapses down around him.This was a truly heartwarming read One that I connected to immediately, holding me right to the end I loved Evvie and felt her profound pain as she dealt with piecing her life back together The strength she needed to put her past behind her and move on.There is nothing cliche about this Rom Com So very authentic, it takes you deeply into the lives of the characters as they gradually discover there is in fact, life after their dreams fall short.Linda Holmes writes an incredibly captivating book about.welllife Loved it Hope you will too A wonderful buddy read with Susanne, that took both of us by surprise Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and Linda Holmes for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.

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