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This Is How I Lied 4.5 Maggie Kennedy O Keefe is a detective in the small town where she was raised When her best friend, Eve Knox, was found dead 25 years ago, the case went unsolved, but now new evidence emerges providing Maggie with the chance to finally close the case and possibly catch the killer You have no idea what Eve would have wanted Immediately, this story screams thriller with a tragic death, numerous suspects, layered motives and a town full of secrets Adding to the suspense are multiple POVs and a shifting timeline between past and present making the chapter choreography perfectly orchestrated With Maggie as the protagonist, she brings an interesting element to the investigation creating a constant tension I know better than anyone that everything you love can be taken away in a second Besides Maggie, this cast of characters brings a full range of variety and complexity In particular, Nola is one that challenges the reader with her peculiar interests yet she also has vulnerabilities I suspected everyone throughout this book and I enjoyed guessing along the way There were some aspects that left me wondering about a certain character, but buried truths have a way of staying that way This is How I Lied is a crime thriller laced with compelling characters and an engrossing plot that keeps the reader wondering until the very last pageAn ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review This was a F BR with Twinsie Hawkey For reviews reveals giveaways visit Genre ThrillerType StandalonePOV Shifting first person and third personRating Maggie O Keefe s life changed irrecoverably when her best friend was murdered at fifteen For twenty five years she was plagued by the nightmare while the killer was never identified Now a detective, she was determined to solve the crime when new evidence emerged But opening up a cold case might uncover the small town secrets she was not ready to face This story was an engaging read and got me questioning every character for most of the book I loved the shift between past and present as the storyline uncovered I enjoyed the overall storyline even though I felt the ending could be tighter They still didn t quite know what to think of her, those old assumptions were so deeply ingrained Second chances meant shit in small towns. The characters were intriguing from sweet, helpful ones to vile, evil ones My favorite was Nola who drew me in right from the beginning with her unconventional interest and provocative personality This Is How I Liedis a story of manipulations and buried truths It would appeal to readers who enjoy being immersed in a domestic thriller read F BR With Twinsie CC For reviews interviews promo visit Gudenkauf Proves Herself The Master Of The Smart, Suspenseful Small Town Thriller That Gets Right Under Your Skin Gilly Macmillan, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Nanny Everyone Has A Secret They Ll Do Anything To Hide Twenty Five Years Ago, The Body Of Sixteen Year Old Eve Knox Was Found In The Caves Near Her Home In Small Town Grotto, Iowa Discovered By Her Best Friend, Maggie, And Her Sister, Nola There Were A Handful Of Suspects, Including Her Boyfriend, Nick, But Without Sufficient Evidence The Case Ultimately Went ColdFor Decades Maggie Was Haunted By Eve S Death And That Horrible Night Now A Detective In Grotto, And Seven Months Pregnant, She Is Thrust Back Into The Past When A New Piece Of Evidence Surfaces And The Case Is Reopened As Maggie Investigates And Reexamines The Clues, Secrets About What Really Happened Begin To Emerge But Someone In Town Knows Than They Re Letting On, And They Ll Stop At Nothing To Keep The Truth Buried DeepCheck Out These Other Riveting Novels Of Suspense By Bestselling Author Heather Gudenkauf The Weight Of SilenceThese Things HiddenOne Breath AwayLittle MerciesMissing PiecesNot A SoundBefore She Was Found A twisty, evocative tale of the danger of secrets and the power the past has to lead us down deliciously dangerous paths Immersive and richly atmospheric, This Is How I Lied intertwines page turning suspense with characters that creep into your very bones.The story follows Maggie, who s been haunted by the murder of her best friend, Eve, for 25 years Now a detective and about to give birth, she decides to investigate the cold case But as shocking secrets emerge, she realizes someone in town knows than they re letting on.An exhilarating thriller that shows Heather Gudenkauf is at the top of her game One of my top picks for spring, I highly recommend this I ve come to count on heathergudenkauf when I m in the mood for an engaging, gripping thriller and her newest didn t let me down It has multiple viewpoints, a cold case mystery and enough unreliable suspects to make your head spin I really couldn t ask for in terms of a solid thriller Since my review mojo has basically disappeared that s all I ve got, but look for this one next month and in the meantime if you don t want to wait the author has an extensive backlist that I can highly recommend, start with These Things Hidden it s SO good Based on my reaction to the books I ve read previously by this author, it s safe to list her among my favorites not one has been anything close to disappointing And by golly, she s gone and done it again.I ve said many times, though, that I m really not a fan of books in which chapters constantly switch between time periods and among characters On the other hand, it can be a very effective technique, especially when the shifts are clear as they are here In fact, I doubt the story would be half as powerful were it not for the the backstory reveals in this case, to 1995, when Maggie Kennedy O Keefe discovered the body of her best friend, Eve Knox, in a secluded cave in Grotto, Iowa Maggie s father was police chief at the time, but after a lengthy investigation, the killer was never identified.Today, Maggie herself is a police officer, with a husband Shaun and a soon to be born daughter She gets the shock of her life when some kids find a boot in the cave where Eve s body was found and everyone, including Maggie, recognize it as being Eve s Shaun isn t happy that Maggie will be reopening and working the cold case with her partner but Maggie is determined to get to the truth about what happened 25 years earlier.But clearly, it won t be easy For one thing, she must deal with Eve s sister Nola considered by many to be, shall I say, mentally unbalanced back then, possibly even dangerous These days, she s a veterinarian who specializes in large animals, and she s got her own ideas about who Eve s murderer is as well as what should be done about it Knowing what the woman is capable of, though, Maggie has the Nola at the top of her own suspect list.There are a few others on the list, too, and it s pretty clear that Maggie herself has some secrets she d rather not have come to light Slowly, readers get a peek into what really led up to Eve s murder and who might be willing to stop at nothing to make sure their own secrets stay hidden Very fast paced and exciting right to the end thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for providing me with an advance copy for review Well done This book was so good 25 years ago, Eve Knox was murdered in the caves near her home She was found by her sister Nola and best friend Maggie There were a few suspects including her boyfriend Nick With lack of evidence, no one is convicted Now Maggie is a detective and seven months pregnant New evidence in the case becomes available and the case is reopened As she investigates, secrets from the past emerge This one was a great mystery thriller I was intrigued by the story and wanted to know what happened to Eve and that definitely kept the pages turning Great twisty read My cats Skunky and Ponie are in this book, so I m a little biased, but seriously, it s fantastic A detailed review closer to publication. A little update, my blog tour date for this title has been confirmed for May 16th Be sure to check back for my full review I appreciate y all.This certainly sounds interesting and is getting really great early reviews Thank you so much, Park Row Books, for my ARC I appreciate it so much Total page turner Quite possibly Heather s best book yet though I love them all Layered and smart, with truly nuanced characters and an unexpected ending Must read

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