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The Comeback A Deep Dive Into The Psyche Of A Young Actress Raised In The Spotlight Under The Influence Of A Charming, Manipulative Film Director And The Moment When She Decides His Time For Winning Is OverAt The Height Of Her Career And On The Eve Of Her First Golden Globe Nomination, Teen Star Grace Turner DisappearedNow, Tentatively Sober And Surprisingly Numb, Grace Is Back In Los Angeles After Her Year Of Self Imposed Exile She Knows The New Private Life She Wants Isn T Going To Be Easy As She Tries To Be A Better Person And Reconnect With The People She Left BehindBut When Grace Is Asked To Present A Lifetime Achievement Award To Director Able Yorke The Man Who Controlled Her Every Move For Eight Years She Realizes That She Can T Run From The Secret Behind Her Spectacular Crash And Burn For Much Longer And She S The Only One With Nothing Left To LoseAlternating Between Past And Present, The Comeback Tackles Power Dynamics And The Uncertainty Of Young Adulthood, The Types Of Secrets That Become Part Of Our Sense Of Self, And The Moments When We Learn That Though There Are Many Ways To Get Hurt, We Can Still Choose To Fight Back

About the Author: Ella Berman

Ella Berman grew up in both London and Los Angeles and worked at Sony Music before starting the clothing brand London Loves LA She lives in London with her husband, James, and their dog, Rocky The Comeback is her first novel, coming August 11, 2020.

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    I was untouchable, unstoppable, hurtling down a path to immortality so rapidly, so immaculately, that not one person stopped to question how it all worked so well, a fortysomething ma

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    Super exciting news, this book is a BOTM pick as of today I highly recommend this book I am going to start off this review with a bold statement for a bold bookthis book struck me as a mix be

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    As soon as you grab this book, you think this is just about Metoo movement and cursingto the guy leaned on a walker throughout trails, dropping his Crocodile tears But this book is beyond sexual all

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    June s Reading Vlog Video is up Click the link to see where this one ranks along with all my other June books The Written ReviewYou know, I don t expect you to give me any special treatment, but I thought

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    Ella Berman does such a good job of describing the ways Grace was psychologically abused by the man who plucked her out of nowhere at the age of thirteen, turned her into a star, but repeatedly tells her she s me

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    3.75 stars There have been quite a few books in recent years that explore the topics brought up in the metoo movement I consider it a good thing that publishers arewilling to take on these type of stories Now while I wo

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    Hmmm well where do I start with this one The story highlights on Grace Turner a young star that rose quickly in Hollywood who disappears suddenly after a few years of fame Ella Berman explores an intimate look at the life of a

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    I thought this book would be a straight shot of payback and retribution However, my expectations were too low because it s so muchIt s a layered and nuanced story of a still young child star grasping to find herself and her voice liv

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    Five stunning stars If this doesn t end up being a summer bestseller, I ll be quite disappointed.This is everything a fantastic novel can and should be Raw and fucking beautiful, The Comeback deserves every bit of praise I ve seen given to

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    4 STARS Such a great read, I read it in one sitting It was raw and addictive, I loved the writing and I find the story poignant Grace s story broke my heart, I felt sorry for her It deals with tough stuff and it s realistic and wild It was fast pa

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