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Rebel Without a Crew, or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker with $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player Download Rebel Without A Crew, Or How A 23 Year Old Filmmaker With 7,000 Became A Hollywood Player Author Robert Rodr Guez Chardonneret.eu In Rebel Without A Crew, Famed Independent Screenwriter And Director Robert Rodriguez Sin City, Sin City 2, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Spy Kids Discloses All The Unique Strategies And Original Techniques He Used To Make His Remarkable Debut Film, El Mariachi, On A Shoestring Budget This Is Both One Man S Remarkable Story And An Essential Guide For Anyone Who Has A Celluloid Story To Tell And The Dreams And Determination To See It Through Part Production Diary, Part How To Manual, Rodriguez Unveils How He Was Able To Make His Influential First Film On Only A 7,000 Budget Also Included Is The Appendix, The Ten Minute Film Course, A Tell All On How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Film School And Teach Yourself The Ropes Of Film Production, Directing, And Screenwriting.

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    As soon as I laid down I turned on the TV and Siskel and Ebert was just ending They were doing a recap of the movies they reviewed and they said, Two Thumbs Up for El Mariachi With that I laid back in the bed and said, What a day This is a day to end all days I can t believe it It s gonna be all downhill from here on out It has to be Doesn t it From Dusk till Dawn Sin City Desperado Once Up

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    There are fans of Roberto Rodriguez and there are detractors The latter will point to Spy Kids even if their kids love watching them and Once Upon a Time in the West as proof that he sold out years ago Personally to them I would point out Sin City both 1 and 2 as proof that his ability to create visual effects that look like they are straight out of his vivid imagination is hard to surpass T

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    now that i m a month from earning my bachelor s degree in film production here s how i would do it if i were to do it all over again 1 take out a student loan, but use it to buy a camera instead of classes.2 get the super maxed out netflix subscription that allows for 10 dvd s at a time start from the silents and watch every important film anyone ever mentioned and some bad ones for balance 3

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    This is probably the most inspiring film I ve read on going out and just making a film Rodriguez doesn t want to hear your excuses if you have access to a camera, ANY kind of camera, there s no reason why you can t go out and make a film My favorite insight in this book is early on regarding screenplays Basically, he says that everyone has to write a bunch of crappy screenplays until they get

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    8 10Kesinlikle ok keyifli bir g nl k.Sinema ile ilgilenen herkesin mutlaka okumas gerek zellikle sekt r n i leyi i hakk nda ger ek i bilgiler mevcut ahsen Robert Rodriguez e sayg m artt.Kitab n sonundaki On Dakikal k Film Okulu ...

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    Brilliant An amazing, creative, get it done story Rodriguez is the man and an inspiration It s impossible to read this and not feel creatively charged and challenged.

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    the most important useful thing you need to be a filmmaker is experience in movies ,as opposed to movie experience and what is a movie, anyway a completely creative endeavor Anything you can do to get away from the things that aren t important,the better chance you have of bei...

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    Interesant sima cr nica de como se gest y tuvo lugar el rodaje de El mariachi, adem s de todo lo que ocurri luego Es una lectura interesante porque Rodr guez la cuenta de primera mano, sin artificios, como si estuvieramos leyendo directamente su diario personal, casi sin filtros Es honesto y sincero y su intenci n lo es m s meterte el gusanillo de lanzarte a rodar tu primera pel cula de bajo presu

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    I think I would give this book 2.5 stars really Rodriguez definitely knows how to craft a story, whether it is in a film or this book laid out in diary form It moves quickly, like the movie he describes making, but sometimes he goes a little too quickly, especially once he becomes enad with Hollywood he protests he isn t, but I think what he tells us about really show...

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    As a film school graduate and independent Chicago film lover, this book really inspired me to keep going and forget Hollywood I wish I would have read it BEFORE I went to film school but that s just too long and boring of a story.Robert Rodriguez shares his journal entries as his first feature film El Mariachi kicks ass from LA to Toronto, putting him on t...

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