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Above the Bay of Angels A single twist of fate puts a servant girl to work in Queen Victoria s royal kitchen, setting off a suspenseful, historical mystery by the New York Times bestselling author of The Tuscan Child and The Victory GardenIsabella Waverly only means to comfort the woman felled on a London street In her final dying moments, she thrusts a letter into Bella s hand It s an offer of employment in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace, and everything the budding young chef desperately wants an escape from the constrictions of her life as a lowly servant In the stranger s stead, Bella can spread her wingsArriving as Helen Barton from Yorkshire, she pursues her passion for creating culinary delights, served to the delighted Queen Victoria herself Best of all, she s been chosen to accompany the queen to Nice What fortune Until the threat of blackmail shadows Bella to the Riviera, and a member of the queen s retinue falls ill and diesHaving prepared the royal guest s last meal, Bella is suspected of the poisonous crime An investigation is sure to follow Her charade will be over And her new life will come crashing down if it doesn t send her to the gallows

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    In Victorian England, young Bella takes a letter from a dying stranger in the street She uses the dead stranger s name, background, and letter of recommendation to obtain a job working as a cook for Queen Victorian in Buckingham Palace But as events transpire, Bella realizes that she is not the only one with a secret.The overall story is a very light an

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    I always enjoy a book from Rhys Bowen Her historical fiction in particular never fails to be appropriately set, creating the right atmosphere for the period Above the Bay of Angels takes place during the reign of Queen Victoria and presents a slightly fantastical but very enjoyable story about a servant who manages to rise above her current position in l

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    I enjoyed this mostly for it s historical and geographical setting A murder mystery late in the novel was an added bonus, used mainly as a device to bring the main character s secret out in the open.Isabella Waverley, an educated girl from an aristocratic family was forced to work as a maid when her mother died and her father squandered everything they ha

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    Fate pulls you in no matter how many mistaken paths you take.Isabella Waverly thought she had all the stars aligned She came from a good family with her father having served in India with the Bengal Lancers She and her sister Louisa were well educated and adored by their mother.But sometimes that Big Dipper allows those stars to spill out in all directions

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    Isabella Waverly and her sister Louisa had been devastated to lose first their mother, then their father Bella had been sent into service not long before their father died, so she had to continue to support Louisa It was when she witnessed an accident and comforted the victim that Bella s life and fortunes changed Her new position was working in Queen Victo

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    Bella Waverly is born into an untitled aristocratic family, but through a series of events finds herself in service to a nouveau riche family in order to support her alcoholic father and younger sister Here she discovers a love of cooking and aspires to use this to launch her own career But the lady of the house who recognises her talent refuses to give her

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    AboveTheBayOfAngels NetGalley Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union for this advance copy of Rhys Bowen s latest stand alone A single twist of fate puts a servant girl to work in Queen Victoria s royal kitchen, setting off a suspenseful, historical mystery I enjoyed it and the historical period it evoked Of course Queen Victoria was a bit out of known character

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    3 3.5 stars A charming, cozy mystery set in Victorian England Isabella Waverly was raised and educated in an aristocratic family until hard times for the family require her to take work as a servant for members of the nouveau riche There she discovers a talent for cooking One day a tragic accident presents her with the opportunity to assume another s identity

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    Isabella Waverley comes from an aristocratic family She hasn t had the easiest of lives Her fathers drinking puts isabella into servitude She has to work as a scullery maid for a family with no breeding Isabella goes to the aid of a young woman who was dying on a street in London The woman gives her a letter and she asks Isabella to deliver it for her It s addr

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    Historical fiction set in the time of Queen Victoria Bella Waverly was brought up in an aristocratic family, but after her mother died she had to work in service to support her alcoholic father and her younger sister She went to work for a family that treated her poorly, but Bella found she loved to cook and had a talent for it When she wanted to leave and try h

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