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A Secret for a Secret From New York Times Bestselling Author Helena Hunting Comes A New Romance About Trading Secrets, Breaking The Rules, And Playing For KeepsMy Name Is Ryan Kingston, And I M A Rule Follower I Ve Never Been In A Fistfight I Always Obey The Speed Limit I Don T Get Drunk, And I Definitely Don T Pick Up Random Women At BarsExcept The Night I Found Out That My Whole Existence Has Been A LieI Got Drunk And Picked Up A StrangerHer Name Was Queenie, And She Was Everything I M Not Reckless, Impulsive, And Chaotic We Did Shots And Traded Secrets And Ended Up Naked At My PlaceShe Left Me A Thank You Note In The Morning And Her Panties As A Parting Gift But No Way To Contact HerSix Weeks Later I M Sitting In The First Official Team Meeting Of The Season, And There She Is I Neglected To Mention That I M The Goalie For Seattle S NHL TeamAnd Queenie Turns Out She S The General Manager S Daughter This book came at a time when I really needed cheering up, and Hunting s narrative did just that Warning drinking hot tea while reading is risky I spat mine all over my PJ bottoms from laughing so hard But seriously, A Secret for a Secret isn t all laughs and giggles, it s a standalone opposites attract hockey romance with just the right amount of angst, swoon worthy moments and loveable characters And of course, as it s book 3 in the All In Series, I got to meet up with my favourite players and their ladies again I confess that Bishop Winslow stole my heart in A Favor for a Favor, but now he s running a close second with Ryan Kingston, better known as King to his mates This guy is perfect Not only does he have a calming influence on the entire Seattle NHL team, but he s also a damn good goalie Ryan likes to live an orderly life and goes out of his way not to the break rules I chuckled to myself when he got behind the wheel and ooh my, he surprised the pants off me in the intimate scenes Naughty manDude, Jake is going to shit his fucking pants if he finds out about this He already knowsBut I loved his selflessness, the rapport he has with Bishop and even when a family member rocks the boat, he s still forgiving An unforgettable scenario that creased me up was his drink of choice It isn t exactly what caused the unexpected and although he liked the flavour, it had its consequences You ll see why I saluted Ryan for his reaction to a bombshell dropped, tooI want all your dark secrets to be mine to keep I want all your pieces, all the things that make you who you areI adored the pivotal part of Ryan and Queenie s story at the beginning of the booka little embarrassing for them both, their astonishment was tenfold when they met up again Queenie s between a rock and a hard place Poor past decisions and an uncertain future have made this young woman a little bit anxious Who better than King to give her encouragement, especially seeing she s everything he isn t To her negative, he s positive She s disorganized, he s quite the reverse However, she does have a mean sense of humor and watching her come into her own was a pleasure to read I do so appreciate solid character development, Hunting hitting the nail on the head with everyone s personality traits, their shortcomings and attributesAnd I m still sorry about how overzealous I was I happened to enjoy your overzealousnessAm I asking too much for Jake s book because he really deserves one I wonder if it was only me who felt something in the air Queenie s father is a real charmer and the woman who catches his eye plays such an important role in Ryan s life, that this would be the bombYou have blinders on when it comes to me, Dad, and I love you for itLavender, River, all the kids there are a lot of them in this story, are adorable Their lives and that of their parents is like a lush voyage With an imagination like the author s, I d dance on the spot if there were a second generation seriesQueenie is a partner She s the olive to your pineapple That sounds awfulI thoroughly enjoyed this book Hunting s captured all the feels, giving her readers a couple of excellent plot twists which I hadn t bargained for, but were certainly welcomed and I wouldn t hesitate to recommend not just this novel, but the whole All In Series Bravo An emotional and compelling romance, filled with many secrets to be revealed and cherished by two individuals that learn how to fall in love with each other So this third installment, has officially stolen my heart and has claimed it That s right, Kingston my sexy and very romantic Ryan Kingston has taken a toll of grasping my beating heart and make it beat much faster for all the ways he expresses his admiration towards Queenie In the little things he does, his blushes, his tenderness, his way of being is what draws you in to him.Though the title does indeed say it all Sharing one secret with another is what this story revolves itself around But once they both open up to each other, breaking down those walls in which reveal the truth of Quennie s past as well as prepare and build a future with Kingston Everything about Queenie is what truly draws Kingston to wanting of her, not just because she makes him act like a totally different person when they are intimate involuntarily, but also because her true identity is what makes him fall even deeper in love with herShe s a tornado, and half the time I don t know what to do with her, but still want to get caught up in her vortexWhen obstacles are in the way, Kingston knows to not give up on Queenie because he also knows that there is no going back once he has a claim on her And Queenie knows that being with Ryan is something she cannot pass out on since her heart is the one who takes over for her and her love for himHe s the calm to my storm.My still lake at dawn.My kingThere is no denying at all that Ryan will forever own my heart I am not sure if this is the last installment in the series, though there are many other hockey players in which have been mentioned that I would love to read a book of We just have to be patient and see what else Helena has up her sleeves ARC kindly provided by Montlake Romance, in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Instagram Twitter Yes, I am That GuyThe Oxymoron of HockeyNoNot a MoronJust a Guy WhoLives and Dies by The RulesWhat Rules You AskWellDon t FightDon t SpeedDon t Get DrunkAnd Above All ElseNever, Never Pick upRandom Women at BarsYou see, everythingHockey Players are Known ForHence, OxymoronBut Here is the DealMy Life Took an Ugly TwistI was LostAnd Did Something I Never DoBroke All My RulesGot Drunk, Shared SecretsGot Naked and Woke WithA Thank You NoteAnd her Panties TooThe Season is StartingJazzed to get StartedAnd in Walks the GM s DaughterI Guess We Both HaveMore in Common With A Secret for a Secret May 12, 2020 A Lie for a Lie All In, 1 A Favor for a Favor All In, 2 A Secret for a Secret All In, 3 For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways Queenie and King.There was this very sparky one night stand six weeks ago and now they find out that she s working for the manager of the hockey team he s playing for And not only that, but said manager is her dad Her dad quickly initiated a no dating the players policy But they can be friends, right And maybe her dad won t be too mad if they asked nicely if they could date And his crazy family and her secret past won t become a problem soon, right LOL LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN Adorable Another beautiful hockey romance Queenie and Ryan King are soo adorable and funny and awkward Especially sweetheart King He s soo boy scouty and just so good I absolutely adored those two It was so super adorable and hilarious and crazy to watch them fight for their happily ever after I loved that we didn t get this typical misunderstanding you know the one The one romances almost always use no idea why where we fight and break up and it could ve all been cleared up with just one conversation or whatever ugh I hate those I just loved reading this and seeing all the people again Can t wait for I wouldn t mind reading Lavender and Kody s love story one day A SECRET FOR A SECRET was such an adorable funny Hockey Romance I just loved it Run to your nearest for your own King he ll be sold out in no time and this one is MINE

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