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Luca Vitiello I Was Born A Monster Cruelty Ran In My Veins Like Poison It Ran In The Veins Of Every Vitiello Man, Passed On From Father To Son, An Endless Spiral Of Monstrosity A Born Monster Shaped Into An Even Worse Monster By My Father S Blade And Fists And Harsh Words I Was Raised To Become Capo, To Rule Without Mercy, To Dish Out Brutality Without A Second ThoughtRaised To Break Others When Aria Was Given To Me In Marriage, Everyone Waited With Baited Breath To See How Fast I D Break Her Like My Father Broke His Women How I D Crush Her Innocence And Kindness With The Force Of My CrueltyBreaking Her Would Have Taken Little Effort It Came Naturally To MeI Was Gladly The Monster Everyone Feared Until HerAuthor S Note Bound By Honor In Luca S POV

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    A glimpse into Luca s childhood teenage years as well as the events from Bound By Honor in his POV Does this mean that this is a full novel Which will include Luca s life before Aria and then it will retell the events of Bound By Honor from Luca s POV In all honesty, I don t really think that we need

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    This is the book I have liked the least but I knew what I was getting into and this story did remind me why some people tend to stay away from dark romances.Mafia isn t a fair business and it s most definitely not a female friendly one, and there s no use in denying the horrible fate women face when enteri

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    3.5 starsBorn in Blood Sworn in Blood. reading this just cuz i really wanna know why the f Luca cheated.did i understand it yeah did i like it nahhbut did i like thisthan the original book hell yeah. ok so we all know mafia world is weird and unconventional in other words, a hypocritical, misogynistic, patriarch

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    HOLY FUCK It s MY MAN S COVER I m so excited for this book So fucking excited Like, think of the one time you were the most excited and times that by a million THATS how excited I am.My Capo.My love HOLY FUCK It s MY MAN S COVER I m so excited for this book So fucking excited Like, think of the one time you were the m

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    5 stars I devour it, it was simply amazing and imagine that still I haven t read Bound by Honor so I need to read it immediately I didn t expect to like it so much but I was hooked and I couldn t get enough of Aria and Luca I wantedthan that With Aria, I simply wanted I wanted all of her, every little thing, not just her bo

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    She knew what I was, and for some reason that made me want to be good to her, to show her that there wasthan brutality At least when she was concerned When I was reading Bound by Honor long time ago I ve dreamed about learning Luca s thoughts and my prayers have been finally answered Cora Reilly gave the voice to her hottest mobs

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    Hands up who loves a bad boy Luca the epitome of Anti Heroand like most of the reader population, I can t resist a bad boy and Capo Luca IS a bad boy.So the question is, did we need this book as well as Bound by Honor book 1 for me, the answer is YES.We saw Aria through Luca s eyes and what he truly feels for herbut shouldn t In the Co

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    4 Luca Vitiello is addictive starsI was gladly the monster everyone feared Until her Until Aria And that s the honest truth, guys Luca Vitiello is addictive and you re never going to get bored by seeing him around in the books of this series Yes, we have heard his POV again in Bound by love , but that book was afterThis book was before and d

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    This is a re telling of Bound by Honor, but told entirely from the H s perspective There isn t much new information to add, except for Luca s childhood years and his role in his evil father s death The rest of the storyline remained the same, but it was extra enlightening to see that the H was a lotsensitive and vulnerable than we d been led to ex

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    You ll understand Luca very well, and get the answers for too many questions which was just mere suspicions and analysis we were as a members in Cora s group took about..Luca Vitiello is a man who raised up to become Capo, there wasn t any space for love or even a little bit of kindness in his persona nor the world that surrounded him will accept any hi

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