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Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson The Scott Peterson murder case is the most gripping and highly publicized crime story of the st Century It has captivated a public hungry for the answer to one question Why would a man with no known history of violent crime or mental illness, with a pretty wife about to give birth to his son, brutally murder her To get inside Peterson s head, the national media turned to forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow, MD His appearances resulted in a deluge of e mails with most stating that his theories about the spawning of a killer inside Peterson were the first that made sense to them Members of Scott s and Laci s families have also stated that his comments were the first that helped them understand what happened inside Scott s mindInside the Mind of Scott Peterson takes readers into the mind of a killer, including How Scott Peterson s empathy for others was shattered by a three generation blood line of childhood loss and abandonment How Peterson came to expertly imitate a person, while having no true, core self Early signs that Peterson was losing his capacity to empathize with others Why an addiction to sex took root in his psyche Why Peterson s meeting Amber Frey while his wife was pregnant triggered the perfect psychological storm Clues to Peterson s guilt in his interviews with Gloria Gomez and Diane Sawyer What Peterson was probably thinking as he listened to testimony in court and received his death sentence Why Peterson could kill again, if releasedUsing contacts at the FBI, and hiring private investigators and researchers, Keith Ablow delves deeply into Scott Peterson s life story to answer the question How did an All American boy turn into a ruthless killer As the nation continues to follow the case this summer, and Peterson awaits appeal on his death sentence, Ablow s extensive psychological profile will be a window on Peterson s soul and the pathological gears turning in his mind

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    Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson is an interesting, if possibly flawed, look at the psychological makeup of Scott Peterson Dr Keith Ablow, while never having interviewed or worked with Peterson himself, does make some fascinating points and conclusions Background on the Peterson family, which I previously did not know, sheds some light on the dynamics of this dyfunctional family Co

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    I didn t agree with a lot of the author s theories but it was very interesting so I give it 3.5.

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    Informative about the case, but almost insultingly speculative Not only about Scott, but about Laci and his parents.

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    Ablow, Keith Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson 2005 Not the best interpretationForensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow s thesis here is that Laci and Conner lost their lives to a psychological perfect storm that began gathering over the Peterson family over five decades ago and reached hurricane strength in the psyche of Scott Peterson p 8 In concrete prose which is not Dr Ablow s strength the beginn

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    Horrible book Keith Ablow begins by passively insinuating that Scott Peterson s paternal grandfather was murdered by his parents In the same chapters that he calls Scott a manipulative, calculating, empty shell of a person, Ablow makes the assumption that if Scott s first child had been born, perhaps Scott wouldn t have gone on to kill Ablow also claims that Scott s relationship with Amber was genu

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    This author really tried his best to get into Scott s head what was he thinking What were his motives Ultimately, I don t think he succeeded I think he over simplified Scott s motives and got a few of them flat out wrong For example, the author contends that Scott was madly in love with Amber, but based on his actions during their affair I tend to think that she was just another one of his many marital

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    I loved this book It was a perfect account of the crime and everything leading up to it It was interesting to get into Scott Peterson s head, to understand what kind of person he was and still is that led up to the murder of his wife and son.I have read a few books on this case, written by his sister, his mother in law, and finally Amber Frey, but they were all personal standpoints and opinions It was nice

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    I was sick of the media oversaturation of the Peterson case, but a co worker gave me this book and I finished it in about two work shifts Keith Ablow, a forensic psychologist, makes a pretty good case for why Scott Peterson killed his wife Laci, which is something the media never really touched upon too busy playing up the pretty dead pregnant wife and slightly trashy mistress angles, I suppose Keith Ablow is

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    Some interesting insights were made but the writing was a little redundant at times Dr Ablow must have said that Scott Peterson was a person impersonating a person and that he was already dead at least a dozen times each, throughout the book It was a quick read, though, and held my interest enough to finish it I d recommend it for things like airplane rides or over night stays in hotels, etc.

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    My daughter was born within days of Laci s and Connor s deaths, so I ve been captivated by the terrible story from the start This book does present some background on Scott that is sad and disturbing, though the author does seem overly confident in his psychological background I got very tired of reading his hypothesis of Scott being a dead man over and over.

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Keith Russell Ablow is an American psychiatrist, New York Times best selling author, and television personality.

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