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Criss Cross A Killer With All The Skills Of A Master Detective Has Made Alex Cross The Subject Of His Deranged Investigation In A Virginia Penitentiary, Alex Cross And His Partner, John Sampson, Witness The Execution Of A Killer They Helped Convict Hours Later, They Are Called To The Scene Of A Copycat Crime A Note Signed M Rests On The CorpseYou Messed Up Big Time, Dr CrossWas An Innocent Man Just Put To Death Alex Soon Realizes He May Have Much To Answer For, As M Lures The Detective Out Of The Capital To The Sites Of Multiple Homicides, All Marked With Distressingly Familiar Details Details That Conjure Up Decades Old Cases Details That Conjure Up Cross Family Secrets Details That Make Clear That M Is After A Prize So Dear That Were The Killer To Attain It Alex S Heart Would No Longer Have Reason To Beat

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    James Patterson s long running Alex Cross series is one I have dipped in and out of through the years and enjoyed, this is the 27th in the series, set in Washington DC, which takes Cross back to traumatic cases in his past It opens with Cross at the Greensville Correction Centre, a hig

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    James Patterson returns with one of his foundations series, exploring the further adventures of Alex Cross in this intense crime thriller As the novel opens, Dr Alex Cross is on his way to the execution of a man he helped put away for some gruesome murders While the man s family professes this i

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    It s been a long time since I read an entire book in a single day, but as I think about it, I m pretty sure the last time it happened it was a book in this long running series featuring Washington, D.C., Metro Police detective and FBI behavioral specialist Dr Alex Cross this is the 27th It is also my favo

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    Oh how I love the Alex Cross series This one was crazy fast to job into with a great story that takes hold of most of the characters we have come to enjoy and attach ourselves to throughout Really good installment Now I need to catch a few hours of sleep since finishing the book kept me up

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    Alex Cross goes up against a serial killer who has been toying with him for years He copy cats other killers Alex has arrested and then leaves notes to Alex at the scenes Patterson does seem to be repeating himself some here There are several elements that have been used in previous books like view spoiler his house being bu

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    An Alex Cross book is always a good read and it was a great way to end the working week So much action

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    Fun while I was reading it Then I saw how Patterson repeated himself Wasn t Alex s house bugged in a recent book Wasn t Ali, along with the rest of the family, kidnapped Hadn t Alex gone off the deep end, or pretended to Wasn t there a look alike to one one of Alex s past nemesis It s no wonder I liked it, I liked it the first time I read it.

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    I ve been reading James Patterson books for over twenty years During that time, like most of his fans, my favorite character has always been Alex Cross He was Patterson s first detective series that helped lay the foundation for his kingdom of several bestselling series and stand alone novels For me, Alex has remained a fierce, intellectual knight of mor

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    Criss Cross is the twenty seventh instalment to feature psychologist, police force and FBI consultant Dr Alex Cross, and I am amazed at how the series continues to go from strength to strength The plotline is very much ripped from today s headlines terrifyingly a convicted killer and serial rapist Mikey Edgerton who was handed the death penalty as punishment has j

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    I do love this series

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