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The Bride and the Beast (Once Upon a Time, #2) Dear Reader,I D Been Prowling The Crumbling Ruins Of Castle Weyrcraig For So Long That I Could No Longer Remember If I Was Man Or Beast Then One Stormy Night The Superstitious Highlanders Of Ballybliss Decided To Leave A Helpless Virgin Bound To A Stake In The Castle Courtyard To Satisfy My Insatiable Appetites.My Demands Might Strike Terror In The Hearts Of Men, But This Bold Beauty Dared To Defy Me After She Informed Me That She Didn T Believe In Dragons, I Had No Choice But To Make Her My Prisoner Or Risk Being Exposed To Those I Had Sought To Deceive With My Dangerous Masquerade.Soon I Found Myself Stealing Into The Moonlit Tower Just To Watch Her Sleep Little Does She Know That Beneath This Beast S Gruff Exterior Beats The Passionate Heart Of A Man Gwendolyn Wilder May Not Believe In Dragons, But I Intend To Use All My Sensual Wiles To Teach Her To Believe In Something Even Magical True Love.Eternally Yours,The Dragon Of Weyrcraig

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    Love Medeiros My favorite quote from the story How could I have let you do any of those things when I ve never even seen your face When I don t even know your name That may be true, he said quietly, but for just a moment there, I would have sworn you knew my heart.

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    This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in 1700 s Scotland.The story starts with our hero Brandon His family, the lord of a village was betrayed to the English by one of the villagers His family was killed and he was taken prisoner for many years He is hiding back out in his ruined castle after many years away.The heroine Gwen is 25 and thought to be strange by her famil

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    I swear I try, try and try but this lame book was to much for me Abandoned after 1 day andthan 100 pages of boring reading.Hate the main female character All hers possible jokes was terrible Hate the way she describe every woman as a who and only she is the virtuous one come on Soooo terrible some jokes about her sisters Hate eventhe main male character OMG, someone PLEEEEEASE tell me

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    After reading the cover blurb and through Chapter 2, you can pretty much see exactly how the rest of the book will go Now, that s no problem, if engaging characters, rich dialogue, or humorous situations keep you entertained while you read No such luck.Hero is boring, emo, 1 D Dragon analogy is stretch throughout the book in non clever, corny ways I must be revenged What I love her Ok.Gwen

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    Another take on a beauty and the beast theme, although the Dragon is hardly a beast The Bride and the Beast is a revenge and forgiveness story with a dash of humour and sadness to even the things out This other part goes into a Monty Python s Flying Circus territory One of the scenes reminded me of a Monty Python scene involving a mob I can t really say which one exactly since it would be a bit s

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    The hero and the heroine lacked charm and so did the story.Even the ending couldn t save this for me Would not recommend.

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    I have a mixed feeling about this book This book is based on a fairy tale themed story beauty and the beast set in Scotland.Overall the book was not that bad, but it lacked certain things I feel there was little chemistry between this couple and heroine fall for the hero way too quickly Time to time her behavior and dialogue irritated me And of all the time she is trying to be sacrificed herself for those vi

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    The characters felt a bit shallow, and there were a few unnecessary twists and turns Full review coming soon.

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    I m a BIG fan of Teresa Medeiros books, I love her work which is why this was really frustrating for me to read because it disappointed me so much I was surprised by this book I don t know what happened but this isn t at all like her other work What I liked The nod to the fairytale story of Beauty and the Beast Who doesn t love that story A woman falling in love with a lonely beast What I didn t like I quickly started l

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    Long ago, someone in the village of Ballybliss betrayed the Laird of Weyrcraig to the English and both the nobleman and his family were slaughtered Years later, a fearsome creature a dragon no less claims Castle Weyrcraig, demanding food and drink be brought to him, as well as a thousand pounds of gold, the reward given to betray the laird The superstitious villagers accede to the Dragon s demands, including giving him the fa

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