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Runaway Heir (Westerly Billionaire, #5) Love the Westerlys This is Runaway Heir, book 5 of the Westerly Billionaire series written by Ruth Cardello I love the Westerly family and Delinda is a total hoot You will love Nicolette and Bryant as they try to grow into better people all while trying to resist each other You will love them too I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the fifth book in the series and one which I have been looking forward to a lot Finally Nicolette gets her story As the youngest Westerly, she has felt lost for a long time, and definitely deserves to find her place in the family I would recommend that you read them in order, as we meet all the family and catch up with their stories too Nicolette has never accepted anything from anyone, and so she lives pretty much hand to mouth working as a photographer gofer on projects around the world She does however attend her brother s wedding, and try and feel some happiness from those around her But her lack of certainty about her place in the family makes for a difficult time Then she sees Bryant across the room, and suddenly feels something Bryant is really the good guy in this story his thoughtfulness is something most of us can only dream of, but I loved how he develops his relationship with the very gun shy Nicolette He benefits from plenty of funds, and running his own business, but he realises very quickly that the way to Nicolette s heart is nothing to do with his wealth or status something that plenty of men fail to get We get our usual interference from Delinda, although her royal fianc is pretty effective at softening her attitude Their exchanges cannot fail to raise a smile In Download Runaway Heir Westerly Billionaire, 5 Author Ruth Cardello Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When A Woman Runs From Family, Fortune, And Secrets, Love Follows In New York Times Bestselling Author Ruth Cardello S Dazzling Romance The Boston Westerlys Are Reuniting For A Wedding A Longtime Wish For Its Matriarch If Only Nicolette, The Youngest Of The Clan S Siblings, Could Find Love With Her True Parentage Suddenly In Question, She Feels Like Of An Outsider Than Ever It Figures That The One Guest Of Any Comfort Is Her Grandmother S Greatest Enemy Now, Nicolette S Only Impulse Is To Run Disappearing To A Small Iowa Town, She Can Build A Future On Her Terms Without The Westerly Name Or Money Or The Secrets That Have Divided The Family For Years.Despite His Damning History With The Westerlys, Bryant Taunton Recognizes A Kindred Spirit In Nicolette He Is Drawn To The Beautiful Loner When She Vanishes, He Follows But Bryant Has His Own Secrets, And Gaining Nicolette S Trust Won T Be Easy It Might Even Require The Help Of The Family She Left Behind.Now, For Nicolette And Bryant, Coming To Terms With The Past Is The Only Way To Make Both Their Dreams Come True, And To Finally Find A Way Home. For some unknown reason Ruth books seems to speak to me on a personal level like no other The story of Nicolette not only hit home for me personally but my kids as well This is a story I shared with my oldest two and after they finished we talked it out To 3.5 5.0I liked the overall story line of this book, I just had trouble connecting or even caring for Nicolette s character She spent the majority of the book in the poor me rich girl mindset rather than do anything to show she was than what people thought her to be It was especially frustrating when many of her insecurities could be solved very easily A DNA test for heaven s sak I just love the way Alessandro sets things in motion He knew exactly what he was doing when he got Bryant invited to Eric s wedding One look at her and he was entranced with Nicolette As she was finding out, hitting rock bottom taught people a lot about both themselves and those around them Bryant had experienced a simular situation when his mom died so he was able to somewhat guide her Running away to Macauley turned into a compass toward home for Nicolette With a little helpful meddling from Alessa Runaway Heir is the fifth book in the Westerly Billionaires series but it is easily read standalone This is Nicolette s story and I really enjoyed it Nicolette is a bit of a lost soul She s the youngest of the dysfunctional Westerly clan and not at all sure of her place in the family Bryant Taunton and his family have a very tenuous relationship with the Westerly s so being drawn to Nicolette w Bryant s wooing skills could use some touching up, while we re sharing openly, you re effing hot when you lose your temper I m not suggesting you wouldn t benefit from an anger management course, just saying it s a good look Bryant likes to makes sure his plans are heard, he growled in her ear, I Nicolette s Story was a sweet one Each of the Westerly grandchildren have such different personalities and Nicolette, being the youngest had always been outspoken and bold But after family secrets were revealed in previous books within the series, she becomes withdrawn and sad Meeting Bryant was what she needed to find herself again He s familiar with and recognizes a kindred spirit in Nicolette, and what started out as a need to help her became of a need to claim her He was kind and understanding and always did things he knew would make her whole again Even set up a meet with the family s matriarch He had a way of getting through to people and if he could get through to Delinda Westerly, he can get through to anyone It did take some time to connect with Nicolette, but when I did it was SO easy to fill her shoes and share Runaway Heir is the only book in the Westerly series I ve read, but I didn t have trouble understanding anything Nicollet and Bryant are adorable She s wondering where she fits with her family and who she is Bryant is the guy who helps her There are many predictable elements to the story, but it s still a worthwhile read It s entertaining, fun and easy to read The story line moves just right The characters are likeable, complex and charming Overall, this story is a delightful re

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