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All the Flowers in Paris This is a beautiful well written love story to the city of Paris It s written in dual timelines one is Celine s story in the 40s when Paris was occupied by the Germans and the other is Caroline s story in today s Paris Sometimes with dual timelines, I enjoy one story than the other but with this book, I was equally interested in both timelines and anxious to find out how they would end.Celine lives in Paris with her father and her daughter and they own a small flower shop They have to be very careful because Germany has invaded Paris and the soldiers can be very cruel to the citizens They are fearful for each other but despite all that is going on, Celine is falling in love with Luc, a young man that she s known her entire life When a cruel German officer discovers that her grandmother was Jewish, he makes her his mistress in exchange for keeping her family safe Will her new life of pain and cruelty help save her father and daughter Caroline lives in Paris in the present day At the beginning of the novel she is in an accident and wakes up with amnesia She doesn t remember who she is or anything about her past but has flashes about a child and is unsure if they are part of her life or not As she learns her way around Paris again, she starts to spend time with the chef at a local bistro and thinks she is falling in love with him In a back bedroom of her apartment she finds the letters that Celine wrote to Luc during her captivity in the apartment She works with a student at the Sorbonne to find out about Celine and her family The parallel time lines bring the story together and I can promise tears along with joy This was a wonderful well written novel about love especially love within a family The dual time line is very effective in bringing us a fantastic story with well written characters and a setting in one of the most beautiful places in the world.Thanks to netgalley for a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my own. It s 1943 in Nazi occupied Paris, France Celine lives with her Papa and her daughter, Cosi She runs a flower shop with her father and is in love with a French policeman, Luc, whose mother owns a famous restaurant Bistro Jeanty When Luc is sent away from Paris, Celine is left to take care of her family alone And things take a turn for the worse when a yellow star is put on their flower shop s door, closing it for good and securing their family s terrible fate Papa is taken away by the Nazi soldiers due to his Jewish heritage, while Celine is taken prisoner by a German soldier who takes special interest in her Somehow, she s able to hide Cosi in her room, praying that one day, they ll both find safety.Meanwhile, over 6 decades later in Paris, a woman named Caroline is involved in a terrible accident on her bicycle After several days in a coma, Caroline wakes up, but has no memory of who she is or where she came from So she goes back to her apartment and tries to put the pieces back together of a life she can t quite remember When looking around her beautiful apartment, Caroline discovers a cigar box full of love letters dated 1943 from a woman named Celine to a man she loved, Luc Even though Caroline has no idea who these people are, she feels deeply connected to them and wants to uncover what happened to this pair of lovers during WWII All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio is a heartfelt story about family, love and survival set in the backdrop of WWII I m a sucker for WWII fiction, especially books told in dual timelines perspectives, and All the Flowers in Paris is no exception We follow along two women s stories Caroline and Celine Not often do we encounter people with amnesia in WWII fiction, so I found this aspect intriguing and added an element of mystery Although I guessed a couple of the reveals in Caroline s story, I still was heavily invested in her storyline My heart truly went out to Celine and her daughter, Cosi their mother daughter bond touched my heart and I hurt for the pain they endured I was surprised to discover this was less of a love story and a story about mother daughter dynamics, I still really enjoyed this book Definitely recommend to lovers of this genre 4 5 stars.Thank you to NetGalley, Ballantine Books and Sarah Jio for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Two Women Are Connected Across Time By The City Of Paris, A Mysterious Journal, And Shocking Secrets, Sweeping From World War II To The Present For Readers Of Sarah S KeyWhen Caroline Wakes Up In A Paris Hospital With No Memory Of Her Past, She S Confused To Learn That She S Lived A Sad, Reclusive Life For Years In A Sprawling Apartment On The Seine Slowly Regaining Vague Memories Of A Man And Young Child, She Vows To Piece Her Life Back Together Though She Can T Help But Feel She May Be In Danger A Budding Friendship With The Chef Of A Charming Nearby Restaurant Takes Her Mind Off Of Her Foggy Past, As Does A Startling Mystery From Decades PriorIn Nazi Occupied Paris, Young Widow Celine Lives A Quiet Life With Her Father, The Local Florist, And Her Daughter, Cosi When A Ruthless German Officer Discovers The Family S Jewish Ancestry, He Blackmails Celine, Forcing Her To Become His Mistress In Exchange For The Others Safety The Trio Plans An Escape, But Their Mission Goes Horribly Awry And Celine S Beloved Father And Daughter Are Sent Away To A Cruel Fate Initially Distraught, Celine Fears The Worst Yet She Soon Discovers That Cosi Has Snuck Away And Followed Her Into Captivity More Motivated Than Ever, Celine Must Now Fight To Hide And Protect The Person She Loves MostParallel Timelines Intersect When Caroline Discovers Celine S Diary Tucked Away In A Closet, And It Is Revealed That The Walls Of Her Apartment Harbor Dark Secrets With The Help Of A Local Student From The Sorbonne, She Realizes That She May Have In Common With Celine Than She Could Ever Imagine Captivating and moving Lovers of historical fiction and intriguing mystery alike will appreciate the well written and thoughtful prose. This is a beautifully written novel I literally could not put it down Many books take me days even weeks to readI read this in two Both the main characters Caroline and Celine were such wonderful characters to follow You could feel their love, passion, heartache, confusion and fears come across the pages so clearly This story though you don t seem to see all the connections at first comes together beautifully I smiled, I was swooning at times, fearful at other and in tears especially there toward the end This novel tells a beautiful heart wrenching WWII story that stay with you long after you finish the last page Definitely 5 stars All The Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio All the Flowers in Paris is a beautifully sad story The events were hard to believe that they could happen So much sadness in the war during World War II Between the Germans and the Jewish community I do not think I will ever understand how it came about. 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Sarah Jio is the New York Times bestselling author of ALWAYS, published by Random House Ballantine , as well as seven other novels from Penguin Books, including, THE VIOLETS OF MARCH, THE BUNGALOW, BLACKBERRY WINTER, THE LAST CAMELLIA, MORNING GLORY, GOODNIGHT JUNE, and THE LOOK OF LOVE Sarah is also a journalist who has contributed to The New York Times, Glamour, O, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour,

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