The Thrall Prince ePUB ✓ The Thrall eBook

The Thrall Prince Freed from slavery, trapped by magic Vell once was a powerful sorcerer and a prince of Otharn By the side of his father, King Covl, and his beloved brother, Lonn, worlds fell at his feet Now, he is a slave, cast out by his father, sold, used and abused Being delivered to Earth may be his last hope for freedom David Thomen, scientist, inventor, defender of Earth, is living a lonely life with his inventions Responsible for opening the gateway from Earth to Otharn, he must come to terms with his role as Vell s newest owner, and face up to Otharn s plans for Earth Forced into an intimate relationship against both their wills, can Vell and David break the bonds of magic joining them together And when the time comes, will they want to Note to readers This book is for a mature audience, it contains dubious consent, memories of past rape, as well as consensual sex scenes No graphic violence, mild descriptions of injuries.

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