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Of Counsel Arvind Subramanian was in the news recently when he exploded a bombshell in knowledgeable circles when he claimed that Indian governments from 2011 onwards regularly massage the GDP figures to quote a value which is almost 2 3 per cent higher than the actual Coming from a former chief economic advisor CEA to the government from 2014 to 2018, this comment struck on the very credibility of the financial establishment However news clips now appear which negate Subramanian s contentions and deride him for producing an erroneous report without the rigour of a serious academic paper Whatever may be the truth in this set of claims and counterclaims, one thing that is incontestable is that our former CEA is not averse to courting controversy He had a dream career spanning four years at the helm of economic decision making in India which was full of challenges and opportunities Demonetisation and implementation of GST were two major hurdles of the government which assumed epic proportions Memoirs of such a person who contributed his part in driving the country to safety is of great significance to readers That is how this book becomes worthwhile for the reader before he actually gets hold of it.If I can say it without disrespect to the wisdom of a financial guru of I just read this wonderful book by Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor to the Govt from 2014 to 2018 The book covers Indian macro economics in terms of various policies and their impact, outcomes, challenges suggestions for the future The views are through multiple lens analytical, social political He covers Agriculture, Poverty, Capitalism , Public Sector Banks, GST, Demonitisation, Climate Change, UBI, Demographic dividends many Each topic is wonderfully written for a lay person punctuated with telling data graphs The challenges of Center State relations the concept of Cooperative Competitive Federalism are well covered in each topic There is a call to action in each every topic There are gems of facts scattered throughout the book Very powerful in conveying a point or buttressing an argument for or against a policy or a suggestion If you want a highly readable b The book is very well written At least half of it is technical, that we can t understand But we can understand the other half The technical chapters are marked with , so we can easily skip them But no controversial statements, no unnecessary political facts, only thoughts how to develop India, how to get rid of poverty.I thought of reading a book on Indian economy, but I thought they would be having old thought process socialistic So, I thought of picking this one which is quite latest It didn t spoil my expectations My one opinion is these economists, give very good s A very lucid and well written account of the many challenges Indian economy faces Especially revealing are the distortions and wastes that creep in society due to wrong subsidies and govt schemes and policies that are introduced without an exit or sunset clause The grand bargain to kick start indian growth by recapitalizing the nationalized banks with the excess RBI capital is a great effort even if a lot of people like me may not be aligned with it The issue with the bargain is not the intent behind it but th For the lay person who does not know the difference TBS and GBS or GDP and GTT, this book was very simply and lucidly written at least in parts The sections on Power and complicated Fiscal stuff was gibberish to me The initial sections were very informative, as was the section on Agriculture.The postscript on Federer and Nadal was the author s tribute to these legends of tennis Particularly evocative was the photo of Federer hitting a backhand and the similarity in g I am going to be little partial to the book and rate it a tad higher than I would normally have This book has no spicy gossip or inside information on modi or Jaitley I kind of appreciate it, that Author did not cheap out and indulge mindless gossip.It also has almost no information on DeMo except for 2 thoughts pos Of Counsel Ideas shapes the world..Keynes observation is substantiated by AS in this book Official discretion leads to policy paralysis Chakravyuha challenge..of socialism with limited entry to capitalism without exit is dragging Indian Economic Activity.Not to assign blame but to draw lessons for the future is evident from the book Bankruptcy law facilitates exit The chicken egg problem Who mobilizes the resources first is still affecting governance Engender Public Trust is one of the solution proposed for growth by AS Openness and equality helps for mobilizing the team CEA s experience suggests that JS s are the real seat of decision making in Govt of India From stigmatized capitalism India should move towards trust based system Precocious Development Model works if credibility and legitimacy in providing essential services are maintained.Then regressive nature of subsidies and free electricity are analysed.Big data in government policies,governance and institutional traps are explained.Migrant flows,interna Of Counsel Free Download Author Arvind Subramanian Varanus.us Amazing Book, Of Counsel By Arvind Subramanian This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Of Counsel , Essay By Arvind Subramanian Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A good insightful account of Arvind Subramanian s tenure as the Chief Economic Advisor to Indian Government by the man himself Crisp, dense and readable the book highlights major policy decisions and thinking that went behind them The political prowess of the author is b I was impressed by Mr Subramaniam s mien and splendid out of the box solutions to the current economic problems, from the Economic Surveys of 2016 This book is a verbose extension of three buzzing problems NPA crisis, RBI FM confli

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