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Liberation Square I have always enjoyed alternative histories and this is something a little unusual There are lots of novels where the Germans won the Second World War, but this book takes things in a slightly different direction Imagine the Germans won and were then overthrown by the Russians, leaving a wall which goes right through London and splits the country in two To the North, the Americans look down on a battered, war torn city, which is slowly re building itself To the South, the Russian occupy the land.Part of this country is recognisable, while other sections are different It is 1952 and those in power include Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess, while Teddy Boys lurk outside milk bars, rationing, as it was despite actually winning the war, was very much in place, the Royal Family are in Scotland and George Orwell was re educated after a book set on a farm, but is, at least, still alive Into this city we meet Jane Cawson, married to a doctor, Nick, for just six months She is concerned with personal matters, than political ones, believing her husband is having an affair with his ex wife, actress Lorelei, the beautiful star of propaganda films When her husband is missing from the office, she fears he is with her I have read alternate historical fiction before but never one as convincing or a fascinating as this It takes place in London in 1952 It isn t the London that I normally read about, there is a wall through the middle that separates the Soviet side from the rest of England I spent some time looking at the map, comparing it to the London that I am aware of The Royal family and Churchill are in the North Jane lives on the Soviet side with her doctor husband Nick When Nick s first wife, Lorelei, is found dead and Nick is arrested Jane is determined to help But fear of the security services, his unfriendly secretary and a feeling of being spied on by neighbours makes it very difficult Whilst she doesn t give up, she also finds out than she thought she would Things that suggest she has never really known him.The murder investigation is an interesting one and even though I really wanted to kn Entertaining alternative Cold War history thrillerGareth Rubin has come up with a fascinating alternative universe where a Nazi occupied UK is liberated by Soviet Russia and the USA , and subsequently divided by the two superpowers in a mirror of East West Germany and East West Berlin.The action focuses on a London in the early 1950s divided by a wall on which Checkpoint Charlie is on Oxford Street and the Wall divides Trafalgar Square much like Potsdamer Platz ion Berlin.Rubin uses known personalities of the period to further create an alternative history where the Cambridge Five are holding powerful government positions and Orwell has been sent off for re education.The plot centres around Jane Cawson who suspects her husband of still having a relationship with his former wife, Lorelei, star of propagand Having recently read up on WWII and the roles the Germans, Americans and Soviets, as well as others, played in it, this was the perfect, if terrifying, follow up It is a work of alternative history genius and it s intriguing and quite frightening to read such an intense book based on what could have been What makes it frightful is that Stalin and Hitler have been shown to have at the least respected each other s positions probably because psychopaths tend to recognise their fellow kind.This piece of highly original speculative fiction tells of the takeover of British shores by Nazi Germany before the Soviets and Americans invade and split the country in two with the addition of a partition wall, much like the Berlin wall You can tell almost instantaneously that the author knows his onions when it comes to WWII and he fills the story full of spies, intrigue, political upheaval, corruption, treachery, duplicity, secrets, lies, constant security threats and a whole host of other themes It is a thrilling, gripping, intelligent and all too plausible historical mystery.Liberation Square is well written and impeccably paced with twists and turns aplenty, and I feel this could be enjoyed by a wide range of people but especially those who appreciate murder mysteries, speculative fiction alternative histories, espionage Historical fiction aficionados will also find much to Well, here is a frightening scenario.The year is 1952 The setting is London But not the London we all know D Day was an enormous failure and the war was lost The United Kingdom has been divided in two with a wall running through London Jane and her husband Nick live in the Republic, under Russian control Jane suspects her husband of having an affair with his first wife, Lorelei When Jane decides to confront them, she finds Lorelei dead in the bathtub and soon, husband Nick is arrested by the National Secret Service But all is not what it seems.Jane is just your average woman who suddenly finds herself in the middle of extraordinary circumstances Not only is goodness knows what happening to her husband while he s being held but she also suddenly finds herself responsible for his daughter from his previous marriage Desperate to find evidence that will help free her husband, she soon ends up in situations she is wholly unprepared for.Life is not a bed of roses on this side of the wall Corruption is rife and the things that have been promised do not come to fruition Danger lurks around every corner Peo This book has a fascinating what if alternative history background the UK was occupied by Nazi Germany then liberated by Soviet Russia helped by the Americans, and was divided by the two superpowers by a wall, re positioning the Iron Curtain across the UK Rubin handles this part of his book very well, working out the implications and peopling this alt universe with likely candidates Blunt, Philby and Burgess all have powerful government positions, George Orwell surely his friends wouldn t have called him by his pen name is re educated after writing his Animal Farm.Sadly, the plot in the foreground is less satisfying It s hard to believe that a grieving wife and a local policeman should a trust each other from the outset given the political environment, and b manage to find out what they do wh EPUB Liberation Square Gareth Rubin Federicoscridel.eu It S 1952 And Soviet Troops Control British Streets After Winning The Second World War After The Disastrous Failure Of D Day, Britain Is Occupied By Nazi Germany, And Only Rescued By Russian Soldiers Arriving From The East And Americans From The West The Two Superpowers Divide The Nation Between Them, A Wall Running Through London Like A Scar.On The Soviet Side Of The Wall, Jane Cawson Calls Into Her Husband S Medical Practice, Hoping To Surprise Him But Instead She Detects The Perfume Worn By His Former Wife, Lorelei, Star Of Propaganda Films For The New Marxist Regime.Jane Rushes To Confront Them, But Soon Finds Herself Caught Up In The Glamorous Actress S Death.Her Husband Nick Is Arrested For Murder Desperate To Clear His Name, Jane Must Risk The Attention Of The Brutal Secret Police As She Follows A Trail Of Corruption Right To The Highest Levels Of The State And She Might Find She Never Really Knew Her Husband At All ___________ A fairly intriguing alternate history thriller in which Britain lost WWII to Germany, only then to be liberated by Soviet Russia For a new author, Gareth Rubin does a surprisingly good job at evoking the Orwellian atmosphere of a communist England The thriller aspects were a bit hit and miss I felt there could have been action and espionage, less to do with Jane and her husband Jane was a bit of a boring protagonist But overall the servi This was mostly a DNF I sped through a bunch of it to find if it got any better but it didn t seem to I was quite excited to read about an alternate history of London being divided by an iron curtain but it was really just a geographical shift of the real history than an My thanks to Penguin Random House Michael Joseph for an eARC via NetGalley of Gareth Rubin s debut novel Liberation Square in exchange for an honest review I quickly found myself totally caught up in the story and so opted to buy its Audible edition narrated by Nicola Walker and Gareth Rubin to combine listening with my reading I am always intrigued by alternative histories Rubin has set his Cold War crime thriller in an alternative 1952 setting in which Britain was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany after D Day had failed disastrously and was liberated in 1945 by Soviet and American with the remains of the British troops As with real life Germany in 1946 the country was then divided with the Soviets declaring their part as the Republic of Great Britain led by a committee chaired by Anthony Blunt London is also divided with a wall erected to surround the Democratic United Kingdom DUK section of the city The main character, Jane Cawson, recently married Dr Nick Cawson When she calls into his medical practice she finds that he is not there She detects the scent of the perfume worn by his ex wife, Lorelei, a glamorous actress who had been the star of propaganda films of the new Marxist regime She is immediately suspicious and goes to Lorelei s house to confront them.Instead, she finds Lorelei s body though the circumstances of her death are unclear The police arr

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About the Author: Gareth Rubin

Gareth Rubin is a British journalist and author His journalism covers social affairs, travel, architecture, arts and health His novel Liberation Square is a mystery thriller set in Soviet occupied London.In 2013 he directed a documentary, Images of Bedlam, about the connection between art and mental illness and how art can help people express that which they cannot put into words It was filmed

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