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Stories We Never Told From The Charts And Washington Post Bestselling Author Of True Places Comes A Suspenseful Novel Of Love, Secrets, And Obsession Psychology Professor Jackie Strelitz Thought She Was Over Her Ex Lover And Colleague, Harlan Crispin Why Should She Care If Harlan Springs A New Friend On Her After All, Jackie Has Everything She Ever Wanted A Loving Husband And A Thriving Career Still, She Can T Help But Be Curious About Harlan S Latest Nasira Amari Is Graceful, Smart, And Appallingly Young Worse, She S The New Member Of Jackie S Research Team For Five Years, Harlan Enforced Rules Limiting His Relationship With Jackie With Nasira He S Breaking Every Single One Why Her Fixated By The Couple, Jackie S Curiosity Becomes Obsession But She Soon Learns That Nothing Is Quite What It Seems, And That To Her Surprise And Peril She May Not Be The Only One Who Can T Let Go Sonja Yoerg is the most astute, underrated author on the market Her observations about life, love, and family hit home and have literally stopped me in my tracks With STORIES WE NEVER TOLD, Sonja ventures into the suspense realm and boy does she deliver With her exacting prose, she gives us a story about first and last loves, obsession, jealousy and being truthful about who you are, not only to those you hold dear, but to yourself All the while she includes the inner workings of academia and lab research and a fascinating sub plot about data fraud YES DATA FRAUD WAS FASCINATING because she s a magician You ll want to read this book Sonja Yoerg is one of my very favorite authors I dive into her books now without even glancing at the blurb, as I know I will be entertained no matter what the subject One of the fun things for me is that I never know what Sonja is going to come up with next as all of her books are so different I do know some things will be constant though I can always count on wonderfully developed compelling characters, strong plot, and outstanding prose Her books never languish on my TBR.Stories We Never Told is a suspense novel This is new for Sonja, and I have to give her major props for taking the chance and succeeding The protag is 38 year old Jackie, a university professor of child psychology who is researching aspects of autism As the dominos fall the wrong way for Jackie, she is thrust deeper and deeper into an abyss seemingly without an escape route This starts as a slow burn accompanied by a real foreboding air of chilliness As things progress, the chilliness morphs into a feeling of irreversible rising tension and dread Just who are these people in her life Her ex boyfriend of 5 years, her new postdoctoral student, her husband, her stepson, even her own mother She thought she knew all of them well Maybe not I saw no way out for Jackie The last 30% or so of the book had me stuck in my chair Talk about unputdownable I loved Jackie and was really scared for her The ending is done perfectly Things come out, and we readers are brought down gently with a very satisfying final few pages.Though the mystery is a good one, to me the journey of this tale is where the money is at The psychology of everything going into Jackie s mess is so well done and had me riveted I had to look up Sonja s bio to see if she actually has a psychology degree And yes, she does she has a PhD in Biological Psychology from Berkeley no less The title is perfect.I highly recommend The Stories We Never Told to everyone looking for an engaging suspense yarn rich with strong characters While I m at it, I recommend her previous four novels as well Every one of them is a winner Many thanks, Sonja, for sending me an ARC of your new novel Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way except that I love your stories An inventive, intriguing and intense domestic thriller full of obsession and jealously SUMMARYPsychology professor Jackie Strelitz thinks she s over Harlan Crispin, her ex lover and colleague Why should she care if Harlan brings a new friend to dinner After all Jackie has everything she ever wanted, a loving husband and a thriving career But she can t help but be curious about Harlen s latest girlfriend.Nasira Amari is graceful, smart, and young Worse, she is the newest member of Jackie s research team Jackie and Harlen dated for five years and he has some strict rules limiting their relationship and their time together With Nasira, however, he is breaking every single one Why her Jackie s curiosity about the couple becomes an obsession But soon learns that nothing is quite what it seems, and to her surprise she may not be the only one who cannot let go.REVIEWThe characters propel the narrative in this cleverly written thriller The four main characters, Jackie, Miles, Harlen and Nasir are richly flawed and shrouded in clouds of mystery But interspersed in the book are four unique chapters that clear the air There is one for each of the main characters These chapters contain their deepest secrets, and it s these secrets that reveal everything It s the stories they never told.STORIES WE NEVER TOLD is inventive, intriguing and intense The story is packed full of jealousy, obsession and lies The plot build is a delightful slow burn The writing is skillfully crafted and the book is immensely satisfying.Author Sonja Yoerg is the bestselling author of four novels House Broken 2015 , The Middle of Somewhere 2015 , All the Best People 2017 and True Places 2019 I have had the pleasure of reading Sonja s two latest novels and loved them Thanks to Netgalley, Sonja Yoerg and Lake Union for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Life is very complicated Don t try to find answers Because when you find answers, Life changes the questions.Sonja Yoerg always serves up storylines that circle around characters and situations with multiple layers and with multiple sharp edges Stories We Never Told does just that Yoerg knows full out what lies beneath the surface of day by day living It s not always what it appears to be She can spin a mundane existence on its head in nano seconds Let s crack the door on this one.Jackie Strelitz is a dedicated professor working in the Psychology Department at Adams University in Washington, D.C She is the head of a work study observing Autistic children and documenting those observations and data along with her students A substantial grant is waiting in the wings based on her continued findings She depends greatly on her post doctorate research assistant, Nasira Amari Although it is a highly stressful undertaking, Jackie enjoys the challenge.Jackie s husband, Miles, is on the road a lot as a football scout traveling to schools and universities for upcoming talent They ve only been married for eighteen months It s Jackie s first marriage at the age of thirty eight Her career has always taken precedence Miles is divorced and has a near adult son, Antonio, who has been diagnosed with ADHD.Jackie was on the rowing team in college and still likes to take to the waters of the Potomac in order to ward off stress But it seems that there s going to be plenty of churning waters involving Jackie in the coming days.To her surprise, her former intense flame shows up as a new colleague in the Psychology Department Harlan invites Jackie and Miles to dinner Enter Harlan s dinner date..Nasira Amari Soon Jackie is becoming unsettled at the sight of Harlan and Nasira as they move in together Jackie loves Milesso what s up with these odd zaps of jealousy Now if you think Yoerg is going to lay out a sickly sweet romantic novel here, think again Our gal Jackie is going to be experiencing some truly wacko goings on both in her professional and in her private life She s beginning to doubt what is true from what is definitely not true The scientific method doesn t always hold up when you have unstable humans involved Stories We Never Told starts the ball rolling down the fast track And you don t want to miss what comes next.I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Lake Union Publishing and to Sonja Yoerg for the opportunity.

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