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#taken (Max Wolfe, #6) Fantastic Read Loved every second of this book TP never disappoints Can t wait for the next one, love following the main characters through each book Why aren t there Tony Parsons out there writing books for me Or, barring that, why can t Tony Parsons have the superpower of writing incredibly fast so I don t have to wait so long for his next book Parsons writes real, complicated, multi dimensional characters and crimes The main character is one of those few who stays with me and I am always a bit annoyed at the end of a book in the series because I am going to have to wait to see what happens next in his life Parsons writes r Taken In The Night They Thought They Were Kidnapping The Mistress Of One Of London S Most Powerful Gangsters But They Ve Taken The Wrong Woman And Crossed The Wrong Detectivetaken Underground Detective Max Wolfe S Hunt For The Missing Woman Takes Him From New Scotland Yard S Legendary Black Museum To The Glittering Mansions Of Career Criminals, From Sleazy Strip Joints To Secret Sex Dungeons And To Unspeakably Dark Deeds Committed Decades Agotaken To The Limit It S A World Of Family Secrets, Sexual Jealousy, And A Lust For Revenge Which Might Also Become Wolfe S Grave Another rollercoaster of a read from one of my favourite authors A crime thriller par excellence and of course DI Max Wolfe I was in reading heaven A young woman has been abducted from her car and her baby is left in the back seat The woman is the girlfriend of a notorious London gangster Harry Flowers This book has everything I expect from this author and It got my heart racing, holding my breath and tapping my kindle faster and faster The plot twists are rapid, the writing is clever and yes this is very addictive reading I read thi So when I got approved for this on NetGalley, I kind of dropped everything I else I was reading to start this because I absolutely LOVE this series I can t recommend it enough if you enjoy a thrilling police procedural The first review on my blog was actually The Hanging Club back in 2017, which I have since deleted because it was awful, I hope I do a better job on this review This is the sixth in the series but I would highly recommend that you ve read at least the previous book Girl On Fire, as there are minor spoilers for it in this one.A beautiful young mother, Jessica Lyle, is abducted in broad daylight Was it a case of mistaken identity or something sinister Max and his boss DCI Whitestone are still hurting from their last case when they get the call that Jessica has been abducted To make matters worse her father is an ex copper and is making it even harder for them.If a high profile kidnapping wasn t enough Max, his ex wife is back in his life, trying to get to know their daughter Scout who she abandoned to start a new family when she was four Personally I would have told the woman to get lost and if she wanted to see her daughter, she should see a solicitor but under all that gruff exterior Max is so sentimental and If there is to be a King of Crime to stand alongside the Queen that is Martina Cole, Tony Parson s is the man Taken is written in a similar old school way to Cole, involving villains gangsters, prostitutes, drug dealers, etc and detective work that just passes the level of modern acceptability The story is filled with emotion, outstandingly intriguing characterisation and the tension When Jessica, a young mother is kidnapped She was taken from Snezia, her flat mate s car her young son left strapped into his baby seat Max is called in to investigate and things take a bit of a dark turn Snezia, is romantically linked to crime boss, and nemesis, Harry FlowersSo the kidnappers thought they were kidnapping the mistress of one of London s most powerful gangsters But they ve taken the wrong woman or have they Detective Max Wolfe s hunt for the missing woman takes him from New Scotland Yard s legendary Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals, from sleazy strip joints to secret sex dungeons and to unspeakably dark deeds committed decades ago.Page turning, engrossing read I love this series This is the sixth in the series whilst it could be read on its own there are some spoilers for the previous book Well rounded characters an intriguing story had me reading this in under a day even though it was over 400 pages.My honest review is for a spec A great last book in the Max Wolfe series, which I have loved from beginning to end As usual a dramatic and twisting plot, where you think you ve worked things out and then definitely haven t I m so sad that it s come to an end. After throughly enjoying and following Tony Parsons contemporary London based crime series that features DC Max Wolfe of Homicide and Serious Crime Command, West End Central since its inception, I have become used to the topical themes and contentious issues they raised The fifth and previous novel, Girl on Fire, disappointed me immensely largely due to the subject matter specifically how close to home the jihadi war against the West is and the political standpoint presented and character development With boss DCI Pat Whitestone making rash decisions and seeming throughly contemptuous of both her colleagues and the public, and with Max bending over backwards in an effort to play the political correctness card I was all set to ditch the series However even the death of a central figure in the last story wasn t enough to see me off and with this sixth instalment effectively working as a stand alone, taken brings a return to the form of the first four books with some solid crime thriller action Together with his diminutive and highly experienced boss, forty year old DCI Pat Whitestone, and young TDC Joy Adams just a year out of Hendon it sees Max Wolfe in the thick of another high profile case.The story se It s so nice to read a police procedural that doesn t play the Big Social Issues card I like my crime fiction to focus on the personal, and here we have the whole swirl of emotions, including love, hate, jealousy, revenge, fear, heartbreak That s the stuff I like, especially when long festering wounds erupt in the present, years later.We begin with an abduction of a beautiful young mother who seems to have been the wrong target It looks like the intended victim was an exotic dancer who is also the mistress of a 1990s drug lord now supposedly turned straight and doing business as a car recycling magnate The investigation takes Detective Max Wolfe and his boss, DCI Pat Whitestone, from multi million pound homes in London and the suburbs, to strip clubs, to car wrecking yards, and Everyone knows how important it is to recover a kidnapping victim fast, or it is likely the victim will be killed But in this case, everyone also lies Peeling away those lies is what leads Max to the solution of the crime But since this is a Max Wolfe novel, along the way there are plenty of chases, plot twists and

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