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Casablanca Released In December , Casablanca Is The Classic Of All Classic Films, The Enduring Triumph Of Hollywood S Golden Age This Volume Contains The Complete Screenplay As Well As A Behind The Scenes Look At How The Oscar Winning Movie Was Made, By One Of Its Writers, Howard Koch Charles Champlin, Roger Ebert, Umberto Eco, And Others Contribute Incisive Analyses Of The Movie S Timeless Appeal, And Twenty Five Beautifully Reproduced Stills Capture The Dramatically Charged Scenes Of This True American Classic

About the Author: Howard Koch

Howard E Koch was an American playwright and screenwriter who was blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studio bosses in the 1950s.

10 thoughts on “Casablanca

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    This was a university must read watch My rating and likeness for this screenplay may be affected by it being the first screenplay I ever read and analyzed.

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    One of the greatest scripts of all time The writing in this is utterly brilliant and something that every screenwriter should read The nail biting story behind it is fascinating and adds to the impressiveness of the wit and depth behind it Although the last sec

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    From the first few pages that I read, I knew that I would give this book a 5 star rating, and it turns out I was right This book has everything that I love and long to read in a media tie in book about movies Along with all the beautiful words written about the movie, i

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    Stunning I suppose if I read the script again I could see faults, and I suppose in some ways I can see faults with it already But to be honest the overall story, the ultimate sacrifice of Rick makes up for everything, the telling of the love seems so true and honest that to be h

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    A classic in truest sense of the word Casablanca has rightly earned its name A poignant tale of love, heartbreak, sacrifice and redemption set during World War II in Morocco where refugees fleeing Hitler s Europe land in to escape abroad.

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    y favourite movieand one of the best love stories evah

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    Timeless classic as it is , I have always found war stories riveting and poignant andso, those with the Nazi occupations as background.

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    Read as part or Robert McKee s story seminar Amazingly timeless.

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    The first screenplay I ve read, and it was an interesting experience, never having thought much about camera angles and the like before And it s such a great story.

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