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A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World Fifty Something David Spade Is Letting It All Hang Out Older Yes , Wiser Debatable , In A Polaroid Guy In A Snapchat World, The Actor, Comedian And SNL Alum Reflects On His Life Then And Now Through A Series Of Candid And Hysterical And Occasionally Cringe Worthy Takes On Everything From Why It S Getting Harder To Date Younger Women, To What It S Like Being A Dad Now, To Suddenly Being The Old Guy On Set Whether He S Musing On The Alarming Ease Of Breaking Up Over Text He S Done It , Feuding With A Teenage Internet Celebrity Spoiler Alert, He Lost , Or Dealing With The Friend From High School Who Became His Full Time Plus One, When The Star Of Joe Dirt And Just Shoot Me Unleashes His Biting Wit And Dirty Mind On The General Freakiness Of Middle Age, He S In A League Of His Own Not To Be Confused With A League Of Their Own Written And Performed For The Audible Experience, Spade S New Comic Memoir Takes Listeners Along For The Sometimes Embarrassing And Always Hilarious Ride Of Getting Older In Our Fleeting Snapchat World.

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    I really liked David Spade until I read this book Seems like he never grew up out of that 90s era dude bro culture This is a book about an older dude trying to score with a bunch of hot young women and making fun of how clueless they are Also, a lot of penis and sex jokes.Buh Bye

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    There are two Davids I love David Sedaris and David Spade.

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    3.5Hoped forbelly laughs, but I enjoyed it and love DS all the same

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    Honest, somewhat off color, hilarious.

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    Well what to say about this one This book was straight to audiobook, which I think was a fantastic idea All the jokes are current and relevant which helps Also hearing everything the way that David Spade intended it to be said was a big help too, as any fan of his knows, David has a particular way of saying his jokes that really

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    Audiobook What was I thinking lots of funny parts but just too many crude parts too.

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    David s talk show appearances used to make me laugh and cry like crazy I know some of his stories by heart and I didn t mind watching them over and over I really thought that he could do no wrong in my book of laughs Still, this was so disappointing Although this book exists only in audio form, so it had an advantage of his personal delivery, I was

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    Well, this made for some interesting listening I am glad I thought to grab my earbuds before my 12 year old grandson and I hit the road this morning this may have been just a bitthan I was prepared for him to deal with snort LOL I will admit that I am not exactly familiar with David Spade s career as a comedian and an actor, but I found his stories in this b

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    Starts strong, somewhat crude then boring in the middle, and finishes with a great Epilogue I love David Spade and this was basically like listening to a stand up but no audience Lots of laughs, just skip through the boring chapters since they don t need to be heard in a sequential order.

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    It s very funny You have to listen to it on Audible literally you can t get it in book version and that s for the best It s basically David Spade talking about stuff for 6 7 hours and it s all thoroughly entertaining If you want something light and funny, check this book out.

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