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Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy Reading Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy Author Marie Chapian Bassgrotto.co.uk We Must Believe With All Our Hearts And Souls That He Is With Us He Is A God Of Love So Shouted Jakob, The Evangelist, As The German Tanks Roared Across Yugoslavian Soil, And Machine Guns, Motorcycles And Messerschmitts Screamed In The Hills.Out Of The Sky Came The Stukas They Nosed Over, Dropped Their Bombs And Veered Off Into The Cold Blue The Wagon In Front Of Them Was Hit The Donkey Was Dead, And The Driver Lay Mutilated In The Brush At The Side Of The Road This Is War, Said The Gray Clad Officer The Only Place You Will Be Safe Is In The Grave Weak And Divided, The Yugoslavians Fought Back Their Ill Equipped Guerrillas Chewed On The German Army Like Vermin On The Flanks Of A Stallion They Cut Phone Lines, Laid Mines, Dynamited Bridges And Blew Up Ard Cars Their Stubborn War Cry Was, Better Grave Than Slave But, For Every German They Killed A Hundred Yugoslavs Were Shot In Retaliation.In The Midst Of This Living Hell, Jakob, Jozeca And Other Believers Clung To God And Prayed For Both Friend And Foe The Enemies Of Their Beloved Homeland Could Burn Their Cities And Towns, But They Could Not Destroy Their Souls Or Quench Their Indomitable Spirits.Marie Chapian Went To Yugoslavia And Interviewed Peasants, Gypsies, Factory Workers, Doctors, Laborers, And Officials Of The Communist Party She Wanted To Know How The Christians Faith Was Sustained Through Those Terrible Years Of War, Famine And Cold She Learned That They Had Simply Clung To God With An Almost Incredible Fait

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    I can hardly believe that I never reviewed this before This is one of the absolute best Christian biographies I have ever read I ve been reading and rereading it since I was about 12 Step by

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    When a friend suggested this book to me, I was completely unprepared for what I read Shockingly realistic about the horrors of World War II, describing situations I d never even heard about in all my

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    I first read this book when I was 16 The story haunted me, so I asked my mother to send me her book and I read it again when I was in my early 20s After several moves, the book was lost, and I thought I d never

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    Incredible biography of the Jakob Kovac family and all God took them through I was never so aware of how easy it is to live the Christian life in America without the persecution that this family endured on account of Chr

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    A truly inspiring book of people who really know how to love their enemies and face suffering with unflinching hope and faith Truly these were people of whom the world is not worthy.

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    Sobering and joyful recounts of a Christian Family in Yugoslavia during and after World War Two.

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    This is a story about faith, prayer and God s faithfulness in times of trouble Mostly set in northern Jugoslavia during World War II, the book follows the trials and tribulations of the Slovenian Kovac family, Protestant Christians in a primarily Cat

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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book It s my favorite of all books I ve ever read It s about a couple who are Baptist missionaries in Yugoslavia during the Communist War Without giving all the details, the thing I loved ...

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    This is an outstanding, encouraging, amazing book about Christian Yugoslavians and how they triumphantly survived during WWII It is full of wonderful stories of how they clung to God through the difficult years of war and German occupation.

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    Excellent book Very challenging Have read probably at least 3 or 4 times We remember the book every year at Thanksgiving Thankful for our bounty but remember she gave thanks for rotten fish soup while in prison

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