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The Snow Leopard Project Read The Snow Leopard Project Author Alex Dehgan Buyprobolan50.co.uk The Remarkable Story Of The Heroic Effort To Save And Preserve Afghanistan S Wildlife And A Culture That Derives Immense Pride And A Sense Of National Identity From Its Natural Landscape.Postwar Afghanistan Is Fragile, Volatile, And Perilous It Is Also A Place Of Extraordinary Beauty Evolutionary Biologist Alex Dehgan Arrived In The Country In 2006 To Build The Wildlife Conservation Society S Afghanistan Program, And Preserve And Protect Afghanistan S Unique And Extraordinary Environment, Which Had Been Decimated After Decades Of War.Conservation, It Turned Out, Provided A Common Bond Between Alex S Team And The People Of Afghanistan His International Team Worked Unarmed In Some Of The Most Dangerous Places In The Country Places So Remote That Winding Roads Would Abruptly Disappear, And Travel Was On Foot, Yak, Or Mule In The Snow Leopard Project, Dehgan Takes Readers Along With Him On His Adventure As His Team Helps Create The Country S First National Park, Completes The Some Of The First Extensive Wildlife Surveys In Thirty Years, And Works To Stop The Poaching Of The Country S Iconic Endangered Animals, Including The Elusive Snow Leopard In Doing So, They Help Restore A Part Of Afghan Identity That Is Ineffably Tied To The Land Itself.

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    Ah, there is so much to say about this book In a single sentence, I would just say READ THIS BOOK.If I am allowed to be verbose which I always am, even when not allowed , I would say Read this book if you want to learn about Conservation in war post war zones and making an impact without the power of authority but the power of education and convictionRead it i

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    Dehgan s account of his time with the Wildlife Conservation Society was interesting, and I enjoyed if that s the right word the look at the history of Afghanistan and the current realities and challenges of trying to do conservation work there But this book really could have used a heavier editing hand to tighten the narrative and make it engaging and impactful The cha

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    The Snow Leopard Project And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation is an autobiographical memoir written by Alex Dehgan, an evolutionary biologist This book chronicles his work with the Wildlife Conservation Society to establish Afghanistan s first National Park.First arriving in Kabul in 2006, Dehgan realizes early on that success for the ambitious project would depen

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    I was randomly selected to receive an ARC from Public Affairs as part of a book giveaway they sponsored It is apparent from the very beginning the author s love for Afghanistan and his devotion to conservation across the planet Where it bogged down for me was the minute details of team building of each and every event I understand why and appreciate the author s desire to acknowledge every

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    This was a very interesting book, although I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars as some of the writing lost me in a couple places Otherwise, it was great Alex Dehgan arrives in Afghanistan in 2006 in hopes to build the Wildlife Conservation Society s Afghanistan Program, and preserve and protect Afghanistan s unique and extraordinary environment, which had been decimated after decades of war Quite honest

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    Warzone conservation is a topic I find personally fascinating and extremely important This book covers an array of topics ranging from pure conservation to history, culture, and the people that make up modern day Afghanistan The author is humble, articulate, and clearly full of admiration for Afghanis...

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    The book gets four stars for the content, but the author would have benefitted from some good editing Still The stories offer both hope and despair, and should be better known The corruption and waste of dollars in Afghanistan during the author s time there is appalling, but hope for improvement, for science to lead the way at USAID are offered, though with much less deta...

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    Almost any of Alex Dehgan s experiences in this book would make a great movie My only criticism is that it like many books these days could have used a better editor.

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    Great read for anyone who wants to read about conservation and the history people of Afghanistan.

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    An eye opening, funny, hopeful book about what it looks like on the ground, trying to save the natural world in a war zone.

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