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The Salt Path Just Days After Raynor Learns That Moth, Her Husband Of 32 Years Is Terminally Ill, Their Home And Livelihood Is Taken Away With Nothing Left And Little Time, They Make The Brave And Impulsive Decision To Walk The 630 Miles Of The Sea Swept South West Coast Path, From Somerset To Dorset, Via Devon And Cornwall.They Have Almost No Money For Food Or Shelter And Must Carry Only The Essentials For Survival On Their Backs As They Live Wild In The Ancient, Weathered Landscape Of Cliffs, Sea And Sky Yet Through Every Step, Every Encounter, And Every Test Along The Way, Their Walk Becomes A Remarkable Journey The Salt Path Is An Honest And Life Affirming True Story Of Coming To Terms With Grief And The Healing Power Of The Natural World Ultimately, It Is A Portrayal Of Home, And How It Can Be Lost, Rebuilt, And Rediscovered In The Most Unexpected Ways.

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    This is my favourite non fiction novel because it s about a mid age couple who tell a true story It made me cry for them loosing everything that they had worked for all their lives It also made me cry of how little money they had to buy som

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    The bad news came fast, Raynor Winn s husband had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, they had just lost a court case even though they had the evidence that they were not liable for debts and now the bailiffs were hammering on the door to ta

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    It was the worst of times Just after Winn learned that her husband Moth had CBD, a rare degenerative brain disease, they lost a court case pertaining to their investment in a friend s failed business bailiffs seized their house to pay off the debt They d relie

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    This is a memoir, following a middle aged couple, Ray and Moth, as they lose their family home in a complex legal battle and Moth receives the devastating diagnosis of a terminal illness With not much left to lose, they embark upon a 630 mile backpacking adventure along

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    For me this is another H is for Hawk a profoundly moving, deeply personal account of a year and a bit in the life of Raynor Winn as she and her terminally ill husband walk the South West Coast Path after losing their home and most of their money.As someone who used to love taking

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    I wanted to love this book I d heard so many amazing things about it But I struggled I don t want to leave an unkind review so I ll say some of the nature writing is beautiful I just didn t get on at all with the internal commentary.

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    After a 3.5 yr court battle, Ray and ger husband, Moth, lose their farm, their home, their livelihood and a lot of their confodence and self respect Two days later they find put that Moth is slowly dying of a degenerative brain disease So they decide to buy a tent and walk the 636 miles of the South

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    Wow Where do you even start with this book I picked this book up because the theme for this month s Penguin Read the Year challenge is about travelling anywhere I absolutely love camping I abolsutely love the South West I absolutely love walking This book seemed like a win win I wasn t expecting to love this

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    Ray and her husband Moth have unexpectedly lost their home after a lengthy legal battle Moth is then diagnosed with a rare terminal illness called corticobasal degeneration or CBD, and their income is reduced to 48 per week.Instead of giving up on life, the couple decide to walk the 630 miles of the South West Coastal

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    Wow What a book A real life affirming tale I read it in three and a half days I just couldn t put it down I am Cornish born and bred and come not far from where Raynor Winn has eventually found herself living So I loved reading about the intoxicating South West Coast, especially the o so familiar Cornish sections, having walked

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