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Yours Until Dawn Ah, yes Another read of an author new to me I m really making quite the habit of this, aren t I And once again, I wasn t disappointed I m not going to waste time re writing the book blurb for you, rather, I ll just give you my thoughts.I loved the beginning of the story with the introduction of Samantha Wickersham to Gabriel Fairchild, which was both heartbreaking and heartwarming Clearly a woman of great compassion, she made up her mind to do what she could to help him adjust to being blind Of course Gabriel, being bitter which is to be expected, and stubborn he is a man after all, isn t making it easy on her For some reason he prefers to wander about the house like a bull in a china shop and doing every bit as much damage Personally, I think he believes that if he accepts help, if he tries to adjust to a life without sight, he s accepting defeat and he refuses to give up hope While I quite liked Gabriel, and ached over his struggle to make everything be the same as it was before he went blind, I was also frustrated at times with his stubbornness Though as I said before, I could totally understand where that was coming from refusing to accept defeat I found the ending, where Gabriel is out searching for Samantha, to be heartbreaking He wouldn t give up, no matter that the odds of finding her were slim To me, that showed the depth of his love for her and because it was so well written, I caught myself biting my lower lip to keep it from trembling because I could only imagine his anguish Gabriel isn t an all time favorite hero, but I certainly did come to care about him.Samantha was a great heroine, in my opinion She s clever, witty, bold, patient and, as I said before, compassionate I loved her unwavering devotion to Gabriel, her willingness to put up with his gruff, surly and times than not, horribly rude behavior However, through it all, she did it on her own terms There was quite a bit of manipulating going on by the both of them, and I found it very humorous to watch One of the things I most appreciated in Ms Medeiros storytelling was the detail we were given into not only what it was like for him physically, but mentally and emotionally as well His fears and frustrations with the injury that caused his blindness are only a small part of the story, really, and as I was reading along I felt like we were given the pieces in exactly the right doses However, that said, I had the twist figured out early on, but the waiting and reading until it was officially revealed was quite entertaining In addition to giving us a deeper look into Gabriel s frame of mind, we were also allowed to see things from his staff s point of view It was clear from the beginning that they adored him, and his suffering hurt them profoundly Ms Medeiros used this to show us that Gabriel, while obviously a selfish bully now, was not always that way No paid staff would care about a man the way this staff did if he were a cruel, demanding, unfeeling person In fact, it seemed to me as though they loved him like they would family.Sam, the dog, was a great addition to the story I loved him almost as much as I did Albert from Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas Sam played such a great role in helping Gabriel adjust and was just so adorable Now, all that said you might be surprised to hear that while I found this to be quite enjoyable and I m looking forward to reading by this author, there was something about it that didn t quite grab me the way I expected it to I can t put my finger on it, and believe me, I ve tried, but there was just some part of me that didn t fully capture my attention and hold on to it It was still a good read, and again, I m looking forward to by this author view spoiler I had a discussion with a Goodreads buddy while reading this book and she mentioned that it might have been nice had Gabriel not regained his eyesight At first I hadn t really thought much about it, but after really considering it, my friend was right So often in romance novels, everything works out, but real life isn t that way In real life, people never walk again In real life, loved ones die and don t return several years later having spent all that time on a deserted island, and in real life, some people lose their sight or their hearing and never regain it While Ms Medeiros story, as she wrote it from the beginning, would require Gabriel to regain his sight in order for it all to play out as she had planned it, I ve decided I d like to read a book with an amazing happily ever after where not everything is exactly perfect Any suggestions hide spoiler First book that I ve read of Teresa Medeiros and it won t be the last Yours Until Dawn has a good plot, characterization and writing for a historical romance book I thought the dialogue between the main characters was well done It was very witty and funny at times.This book has a The Beauty and the Beast type of feel to it with our main character, Gabriel Fairchild getting injured and going blind during the war He thinks of himself as nonredeemable and a monster.Gabriel gets a new nurse and she s everything that he wants and needs Samantha Wickersham is tough, quick witted and doesn t put up with any of Gabriel s bullshit She helps him with his depression and learning how to function being blind.I loved the household characters in Yours Until Dawn as well They had the feel of Lumiere, Mrs Potts, Cogsworth and all the rest of the crew You end up wanting the household staff and Gabriel to become happy again Nice touch with that There was a plot twist at the end and I m not sure how I feel about it I didn t necessarily hate it, but it didn t blow me away either It s almost like the book would have been fine without it.I ll still rate this above average since the characters were decent, I loved the plot and the steamy parts were excellent I liked this book quite a bit But, to be honest, I expected to like it than I did It was very good, and I liked both the hero and the heroine Samantha really did help Gabriel to come to terms with the loss of his sight, his disfigurement, and his loss of his place as golden boy in his society world I think one of my major issues was the events after the climax Hmm, I think I would have preferred that he not regain his sight Sounds bad, huh Getting his sight back made things too easy, I think If he didn t get it back, then he really would have to change for good But, his change was good for him, overall, but he didn t really lose anything to make a significant epiphany Also, I didn t like how he didn t recognize Samantha when he sees Cecily again If he was really that much in love with her, why wouldn t he have felt that connection He had sex with her as Cecily, he d had sex with her as Samantha, and the light bulb didn t come on I was a bit surprised with that, considering that he was so in love with Samantha, and searched for her for many months after she disappeared Also, I thought he was pretty callous to Cecily She offers herself to him, and he takes what she s offering, but comes right out and coldly says, I ll never love you It made me wonder if he really had changed It seemed like something the old Gabriel would have done This was a perfectly good book But I don t think it s near my favorite of Teresa Medeiros s Gabriel was, and ended up being just too much of a golden boy type for me A man of privilege used to getting exactly what he wants in life He suffers for a season, but he returns right back to his previous place in life, with few lessons learned At least, that s my opinion.This is one of those books where I wondered what really had been accomplished If you don t think too hard and don t expect too much evolution and change in your heroes, you ll probably be fine with this book I would have liked to see a little in Gabriel after what he went through I do have to say I loved Sam the dog, and Samantha, the heroine, and it was engaging and well written Thus, the four star rating. The first part of this book was wonderful Based on the book premise, I had expected a very angsty story with a dark and tortured hero, but it was actually a fun read and I even laughed so much on one scene when Beckwith, Gabriel s buttler, described Samantha s looks to him that I had to stop reading for a moment I really enjoyed the banter between Gabriel and Samantha, and I especially liked the fact that she didn t pity him like she said, he had enough pity for himself already, so he didn t need hers too Samantha was strong and didn t beat around the bushes when it came to making Gabriel and everyone else, including his family, deal with his blindness.Then, out of nowhere, came the plot twist that had my head spinning I had been warned that something unexpected happened in the last third of the story and I m all for turn the table events when they add drama to the plot, but this one was kind of strange Suddenly, Gabriel and Samantha had some serious personality changes, and I felt like I was reading about two different characters I understood Gabriel s change slightly better, but Samantha s new attitude made me wonder where the spunky and daredevil heroine from the first part of the book had gone.Thankfully, the epilogue as short as it was made it all better again and I didn t have to close the book with that feel of disappointment Nicely done, Ms Medeiros Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I d gladly reread the first part before the plot twist and the epilogue, leaving the small intermission in between buried and forgotten. Loved it The twist at 80% was so good Highly recommend this book. Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book BlogI really cannot get enough of Teresa Medeiros works I mean, she really knows how to create very heartwarming and very sensual romantic books and Yours Until Dawn is certainly no exception Yours Until Dawn is the third book I read from Teresa Medeiros and it is about how a governess named Samantha Wickersham tries to help Gabriel Fairchild, who had lost his sight during the war, to cope with his blindness while loving him every inch of the way Get ready for sparks to fly and romantic fires to burn because Yours Until Dawn is definitely a romantic novel you do not want to miss Gabriel Fairchild was known as a war hero in London, but unfortunately, the war cost him his sight and all his hope of ever seeing again So, Gabriel barricaded himself at Fairchild Park since he cannot bear to face society in the condition he is in However, when a proper nurse named Samantha Wickersham comes to Fairchild Park to take care of Gabriel, Gabriel starts to fall in love with Samantha Unfortunately, the two lovers will soon realize some secrets about each other that might put their relationship in jeopardy Whew I am just fanning myself here because this book is definitely SIZZLING HOT Teresa Medeiros has certainly done an excellent job with describing her characters here as she goes into great detail about each character s personalities I think the two characters that truly stood out the most in this book were Samantha Wickersham and Gabriel Fairchild, since both characters had secrets that will shock anyone who read this book I love the way that Teresa Medeiros realistically portrays Gabriel s hardships with coping with his blindness because that is the trait of Gabriel that makes him a truly believable character and I usually found myself sympathizing with his condition, especially when he confesses to Samantha that he lost someone very dear to him because of his blindness and I just found myself feeling sorry for Gabriel at that point of the book I also loved the character of Samantha herself as she seems like a mysterious person who who hides a tragic secret from Gabriel and you find yourself wondering about what her big secret is Let me tell you, her secret is so shocking that I found myself being so surprised about what she was keeping from Gabriel What I loved the most about Samantha s character is that she is a strong and determined heroine who is willing to take Gabriel s insufferable arrogant manner in order to make him see that life is still worth living, even when he is blind Now onto the juicy bits of this book There are many sexual scenes between Samantha and Gabriel that will make any romance novel fans hearts go aflutter My favorite passage from this book that describes Gabriel is in this passageSamantha studied Gabriel s broad shoulders and muscled forearms, struck anew by what an imposing man he was He could probably snap her delicate neck between thumb and forefinger If he could find her, that is I just love the way that Teresa Medeiros goes into detail about how strong Gabriel is in both appearance and strength.For those of you who do not like sexual content, this book contains a great deal of sex scenes between Gabriel and Samantha Also, the reason why I gave this book a four star instead of a five star rating is because I felt that Gabriel and Samantha spent almost 90% of the book arguing with each other rather than loving each other and I usually love romance novels where the characters occasionally argue with each other, but try to support each other the best that they can I will admit though, that I did like the fact that Gabriel and Samantha took their time in knowing each other rather than jumping headfirst into a relationship.All in all, Yours Until Dawn is definitely a book that will shock, warm and touch you all at the same time and I am sure that this book will definitely be an instant treat for Teresa Medeiros fans and romance novel fans everywhere Gabriel Fairchild S Valor During Battle Earns Him The Reputation Of Hero, But Costs Him Both His Sight And His Hope For The Future Abandoned By The Fianc E He Adored, The Man Who Once Walked Like A Prince Among London S Elite Secludes Himself In His Family S Mansion, Cursing His Way Through Dark Days And Darker Nights Prim Nurse Samantha Wickersham Arrives At Fairchild Park To Find Her New Charge Behaving Like A Beast Than A Man Determined To Do Her Duty, She Engages The Arrogant Earl In A Battle Of Both Wit And Wills Although He Claims She Doesn T Possess An Ounce Of Womanly Softness, She Can Feel His Heart Racing At Her Slightest Touch As Samantha Begins To Let The Light Back Into Gabriel S Life And His Heart, They Both Discover That Some Secrets And Some Pleasures Are Best Explored In The Dark I m surprised at how much I really liked this book I have to admit that I bought it quickly and didn t realize that the hero was blind Once I realized that I was leery about it I didn t want a victim of the war hero who needed a nursemaid and eventually falls in love with her thankfully I didn t get any of that What an excellent story this turned out to be in the end The hero really stood out in the face of adversity and he was soooooo sexy D There s also a very unexpected twist that left me with a you are kidding me bug eyed moment too showing how well the author put this novel together You may have a suspicion or two but then you think nah, it wouldn t work out , well HA What a shocker there and not only does it work out but you find yourself actually liking characters you should otherwise be hating big time.The story starts out with Samantha Wickersham who s a kind of companion aid to the infirm replying to an employment ad She s supposed to work as a general helper of sorts to Gabriel Fairchild who was blinded in the line of duty Gabriel is one mean and snarly sonofabitch and you can understand why given his life before his accident and what s become of it after Slowly and with extreme patience Samantha manages to befriend him and help him improve his daily life so that he s no longer like a caged animal Now you may be thinking weak hero, not for me Well you couldn t be wrong This guy is far from weak even if he s blind He knows what he wants, goes for it and everyone be damned in the process His blindness makes him even intriguing if anything especially once he starts to pursue the heroine All his senses except sight come into play heightening the sexual tension between the two The heroine is very determined to get him to lead an independent life and to try to be like he was pre accident but I can t say much without giving away too much of the story she s not one to give up we ll say and neither is he swoon swoon The writing is very good, vivid and the tension building is upheld for quite a while It just misses a 5 star rating because it needed steam for me towards the end but apart from that it s an excellent historical with everything you need to keep turning those pages well into the night 4.5 stars easy. Enjoyable book but I found my interest wavering midway as the h and the suspense which is such a non suspense btw had me grinding my teeth a few times The H is so amazing an enraged arrogant lion, wounded and blind, stumbling around yet so proud and droll I liked the premise and the ending as well view spoiler The past The H Gabriel, an Earl has been smitten with the h, Cecily, a mere Baronet s daughter for a long time but she holds him off by saying she would rather marry a solid gentleman farmer sorts than a rakehell Earl And so they correspond but barely meet at social dos She agrees to marry him if he can prove that he is than a merry womanizer by joining the Royal Navy that is at War He does so and acquits himself gloriously but returns home scarred and blind Apparently the h comes to see him at the hospice but runs away on seeing him in such a horrible state So she s actually a shallow person herself who holds other to a greater standard He is heartbroken and secludes himself in his country estate and makes his and everyone else s life around him miserable The present The guilt ridden h turns up at his place masquerading as a nurse, a Miss Samantha Wickersham, bent on getting him out of his shell and perhaps to atone herself The author does not let on about her identity but is quite apparent right from the beginning that the faithless fianc e and the priggish nurse are one and the same The h I didn t like after a couple of chapters as knowing who she was and why she was there, I found her too unemotional and seemingly lacking in any real feelings for her patient Her feelings and empathy should have shone through her no nonesense governessy fa ade I felt Of course she was there incognito both for the H and us the readers eyeroll but still her distance and coolness annoyed me He s such a sweet, endearing, tragic figure, a real hero and there were a few times when I felt he was too good for the h He loved her so selflessly both the times and she was such a cold skeptical condescending b h He s never good enough for her I could forgive her and relate to her only after she stands up to his horribly selfish family What followed was amazing too the fire, him saving her life, them making love swoon It was quite a glorious chapter or two But then the uppity madam upped and fled again But I enjoyed their next meeting as the now be sighted H and Cecily She does make herself vulnerable to hurt by saying that she accepts his offer of marriage but he laughs at her saying that that offer is off the table but she can be his mistress so she spends the night with him but still does not out herself as the nurse And again she runs But thankfully realizes that repeatedly running away is not the way to love And so a very sweet reunion and the hea happens finally The H is not angry or vengeful or unforgiving on learning her identity, but then I guess he s happy and relieved that she is both the women he loves grin hide spoiler You knowevery time that I think about this book, I just dislike it and , honestly While I liked the story for the most part and thought it was greatugh, that final quarter of the book just ruins EVERYTHING Gabriel is just awful in it I originally gave this five stars, but then reduced it to a two because of the technical cheating dubious though it may be And nowit s a one Though it makes for great angst, Gabe is just fucking awful to view spoiler Cecily hide spoiler

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