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The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease From Michael Greger, MD FACLM, The Physician Behind The Trusted And Wildly Popular Website Nutritionfacts, And Author Of The New York Times Bestselling Book How Not To Die, Comes A Beautifully Designed, Comprehensive Cookbook Complete With Than Recipes For Delicious, Life Saving, Plant Based Meals, Snacks, And BeveragesDr Michael Greger S Bestselling Book, How Not To Die, Presented The Scientific Evidence Behind The Only Diet That Can Prevent And Reverse Many Of The Causes Of Premature Death And Disability Now, The How Not To Die Cookbook Puts That Science Into Action From Superfood Breakfast Bites To Spaghetti Squash Puttanesca To Two Berry Pie With Pecan Sunflower Crust, Every Recipe In The How Not To Die Cookbook Offers A Delectable, Easy To Prepare, Plant Based Dish To Help Anyone Eat Their Way To Better HealthRooted In The Latest Nutrition Science, These Easy To Follow, Stunningly Photographed Recipes Will Appeal To Anyone Looking To Live A Longer, Healthier Life Featuring Dr Greger S Daily Dozen The Best Ingredients To Add Years To Your Life The How Not To Die Cookbook Is Destined To Become An Essential Tool In Healthy Kitchens Everywhere

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    Great whole food, plant based recipes Overall the preparation is straightforward and there are many recipes that don t require a huge list of ingredients I m not a foodie and don t enjoy cooking much and this cookbook fits my style well.Dr Greger

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    One of the best cookbooks I ve read so far I m a bit of a Dr Greger fangirl, but the recipes in this one are solid good recipes that are easy to follow The book begins with a summary of the main points discussed in How Not To Die After that, the Daily Dozen

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    My husband and I were huge fans of Dr Greger s book so I had to pre order his accompanying cookbook We have made about 10 recipes from it and they have all been AWESOME I think my favorite recipe so far has been the Curried Chickpea Wraps We also enjoyed the Black Be

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    I was fascinated by How Not To Die , but I found this companion cookbook a little disappointing Many of the recipes looked kind of dull, and there were a fair number of recipes that I think of as faking food foods that are pretending to be something else that has meat in it e.

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    Borrowed from library need to purchase Such convincing info to make necessary dietary changes Borrowed from library need to purchase Such convincing info to make necessary dietary changes

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    The cookbook companion to How Not to Die is less useful than the book itself there are many better recipes out there that adhere well enough to a plant based whole foods oil free diet to be very healthful Forks Over Knives and Dr John McDougall provide many excellent recipes for free on their web

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    2.5 Plant based vegan recipes Nice layout and photos but to be honest some of these recipes I d rather die than eat Unless someone can make them for me.

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    Great follow up to How Not To Die It begins with a brief but thorough summary of everything in Greger s initial book, then several recipes that I use as starting off points for my own concoctions He teamed up with culinary expert Gene Stone and has lots of beautiful pictures a necessity for me with cookbooks It s im

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    I think I will need to buy this book a companion cookbook to the How Not to Die non fiction tome I read several chapters, gleaning information on proper foods to eat to maintain good health The cookbook builds on that information and presents recipes to support the research findings I also downloaded the Daily Dozen app so th

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    In his other books and videos, Dr Greger puts diet nutrition claims to the test randomized, double blind, placebo controlled studies to find what foods are proven healthiest This cookbook is based on those findings The recipes contain no added oil, sugar, and salt They are whole foods and plant based If you re good with those criteria,

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