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The Hollow Hills Con la dram tica noche en que Arturo es engendrado se inicia la epopeya en que el h roe debe aprender a distinguir a sus enemigos y a seguir con fidelidad su propio destino Para ello contar con la ayuda de la extra a figura de Merl n, quien, a pesar de su sabidur a, sufre las angustias de una naci n en guerra y las intrigas y traiciones entre reyes y cortesanos

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    It makes no sense that a book I have read this many times could still make me thrill with anticipation, bask in the beauty of the language, and cry with genuine emotion but it does I could not have chosen anything better to read in these dark days there is always the promise of light 4 9 20 After the thrills of The Crystal Cave, we pick Merlin up, bleeding on the side of the

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    I am nothing, yes I am air and darkness, a word, a promise I watch in the crystal and I wait in the hollow hills But out there in the light I have a young king and a bright sword to do my work for me, and build what will stand when my name is only a word for forgotten songs and outworn wisdom, and when your name, Morgause, is only a hissing in the dark This book is full of quotab

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    Following on from the spell binding The Crystal Cave Mary Stewart came up with an equally enthralling page turner taking us from the morning after Arthur s conception until he is proclaimed King of Britain at fourteen, on the day after of the death of his father Uther Pendragon It shows us the story through the eyes of a very human, brilliantly intelligent, resourceful, and wise Merli

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    An excellent follow up to The Crystal Cave beautifully read It s the same in style tone, too I want to call this old school fantasy There is no graphic sex, violence, or even any flashy magic, but there is an aura of mystery pomp that permeates the entire story There is a hard core of realism tempered by spirituality that defines the world the magic The descriptions are lyric, too A fantas

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    I enjoyedthan the first book I didn t think it was possible Well, when I read the first book in the series l loved it but as I go on reading the second book I began to feelandexcited even though Mary Stewart made me wait to let happen what I looked forward to coming But even though it came late, I was enjoying as much as I grew impatient I loved Arthur as much as I love Merlin If this series ev

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    The first half was 3 stars, but the second half was amazing More later

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    Mary Stewart s Arthurian books are certainly very different to her romance mystery ones It s muchthe world of Rosemary Sutcliff s Sword at Sunset than the sort of world her heroines inhabit in the modern stories one of uncertain magic and prophecy, of blood and hatred and death And it comes out much less positive about female characters There are few prominent ones, and even mentions of women tend to be

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    A beautiful, wonderfully written story Even the Christians are treated fair unlike the previous volume One star out for a redundant episode Merlin is caught three times, each time being released once recognized Not unbelievable given the circumstances however, the author could have done that part of the tale much better.

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    5 dazzling stars Another phenomenal installment in Mary Stewart s Arthurian saga, The Hollow Hills begins right where we concluded the brilliant gem of a story, The Crystal Cave The masterful storytelling, the wonder and the adventure are no less evident here than in the first of the series I was captured once again and savored every word as if it were a treasure In this book, the compassionate and human side of M

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here An absolutely wonderful interpretation of the Arthurian Legend Mary Stewart s writing is captivating The Hollow Hills is a thoroughly satisfying read a masterpiece I am not sure what else I can say that has not already been said about this book My favorite passage If it was indeed the King s sword of Britain, and Arthur was to be the King w

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