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Exposed This is the sixth Maggie O Dell novel and probably the best so far It was a very quick, easy read and certainly held my attention all the way through I still dislike the author s habit of pausing in the middle of events to tell us unimportant details about her character s thoughts or past lives However she did reduce this somewhat in this particular book Maggie also seems to be getting a grip on life now and managed to come up with some actual constructive detective work I do wish she would for once work out who the killer is and go to deal with him rather than accidentally falling into his deadly clutches and having to be saved each time Shades of Kay Scarpetta.I almost gave it four stars but not quite. Agent Maggie O Dell And Assistant Director Cunningham Believe They Re Responding To A Threat Made At Quantico Instead They Walk Into A Trap Before They Realize It, They Ve Both Been Exposed To A Killer Who Can Strike At Anyone, At Any Time, And No One Can Predict Who Might Be Next Until It S Too Late The Killer S Tactics Suggest He S An Aficionado Of Criminal Minds He Uses Bits And Pieces From Those He Admires A Phrase From The Beltway Snipers, A Clue From The Unabomber, A Delivery Method Similar To The Anthrax Killer His Weapon Is A Deadly Virus, Virtually Invisible And Totally Unexpected His Victims Appear To Be Random But, In Fact, They Are Chosen With A Revengeful Precision The Vaccine Is Limited And UntestedMaggie Knows Dangerous Minds From Hauntingly Perverse Child Predators To Cunningly Twisted Serial Killers Now She Faces A New Opponent From Inside An Isolation Ward At A Biosafety Containment Hospital Maggie Must Help Agent R J Tully Find Clues To Catch The Killer While Waiting To See If The Deadly Strain Is Already Multiplying In Her Body With Every New Exposure There S The Potential For An Epidemic And Maggie Knows She And Cunningham May Not Live Long Enough To Discover Who Is The Deadliest, Most Intelligent Killer They Ve Ever Profiled This was an excellent and well researched book Especially with the Ebola outbreak that happened just now again Will people ever learn 4,5 starsMaggie O Dell is back in a chilling and terrifying story of bioterrorism in the 6th book in the series.When Maggie and her team arrive at FBI offices in Quantico, Virginia to investigate the exposure to a deadly and unknown virus of two people, she and her boss, the FBI s Assistant Directorate placed in quarantine when they are exposed to the virus as well.What happens next is a nerve jangling and frightening time for the two, as they battle to finding the culprit and a treatment to save their lives.The plot contains twists and turns and some shocking and surprises revelations.The character development continues at a good pace and we are learning about Maggie and Tully s past history.We do get a quick sight of Sheriff Nick Morelli, who was first introduced as Maggie s love interest in A Perfect Evil, the 1st book in the series A new and very interesting character is introduced , who may be Maggie s new love interest..This is, for me, the best book so far in the series. I really enjoyed this 6th book in the Maggie O Dell series The FBI receives a mysterious note stating that there will be a crash today FBI profiler Maggie O Dell and Assistant Director Kyle Cunningham hurry to a family home to find a little girl left on her ownher mother in bed, deathly ill Maggie soon discovers that they have been exposed to a virus Something that could kill many people if left unchecked Put in quarantine, Maggie discovers that the perpetrator has left clues that tie to some of the FBI s biggest cases, including the Anthrax murders, the Tylenol poisonings, and the Beltway Snipers This is the 6th book in the Maggie O Dell series The storyline certainly kept me interested Both Maggie and Tully got to do their profiling which helped solve the mystery I had a problem with the way Maggie handled one piece of evidence If this were a real case, she would most likely be fired It really threw me out of the story for a while My rating 4 Stars. Love Maggie O dell Gwen asks Maggie to check on a patient who seems to be missing The person attended a fueral in Connecticut and has not been heard from since While searching for the missing patient, barrels filled with bodies are uncovered WOW Quite probably my favorite book this year A real page turner Great series. Not my favorite O Dell book but still enjoyable. The person sharing these books with me gave me this one out of order I can tell I missed out on a couple of things referenced about Maggie and Tully s personal lives, but mostly it s OK to read this out of order.This one was super interesting and didn t have a dull moment One of the best of this series Instead of just a serial killer, there is also a killer virus involved.

About the Author: Alex Kava

ALEX KAVA IS A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the critically acclaimed Maggie ODell series and a new series featuring former Marine, Ryder Creed and his K9 dogs Her stand alone novel, One False Move, was the 2006 One Book One Nebraska Published in over thirty countries, Kavas novels have made the bestseller lists in the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Poland Her novel Stranded

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