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War Game EPUB War Game Author Michael Foreman Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Examining The Life Of Ordinary Soldiers During World War I, This Book Recalls The Heroism Of The Young Soldiers And The Spirit Of Sympathy That Grew Up Between The Two Armies As They Suffered On The Front Line This Is A Story About Friends Who Joined The Army In The Midst Of World War I.

About the Author: Michael Foreman

Michael has worked on magazines, book jackets, animated films, TV adverts, and even for the police, sketching criminals described by witnesses As well as illustrating many of his own books, Michael has illustrated over a hundred books for authors such as Shakespeare, J M Barrie, the Brothers Grimm, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde Michael has travelled widely to Africa, Japan, the Arctic Circ

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    War Game By Michael Foreman War Game chronicles the story of four friends, from the football pitch in Suffolk to the trenches of the Western front Young and impressionable Will, Lacey, Billy and Freddy join the army excited by the prospect of adventure in a foreign land This is a moving story and a painful reminder of the heroism of the young soldiers who foug

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    War Game by Michael Foreman depicts the spontaneous truce that took place on Christmas Day, 1914 on the Western front during the Great War This beautifully illustrated book begins with 4 young boys playing soccer in Suffolk They are craving some adventure, an opportunity to travel and so decide to join the fight with the assumption they will be home before Christmas T

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    Lastenkirjakuvittajan parhaiten tutuksi tulleen Michael Foremanin kuvakirja War Game Pavilion, 2014 ilmestyi ensimm ist kertaa jo useampi vuosikymmen sitten, mutta ensimm isen maailmansodan satavuotismuisteloiden vuoksi siit on otettu nyt uusi painos Ja ihan syyst , sill kyseess on pienimuotoinen mestariteos, joka toimii my s pienimuotoisena matkana Euroopan historiaan vesiv

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    Both beautiful and heartbreakingly sad, this lavishly illustrated story reminds us of how similar we all are and in doing so brings home the deep tragedy of war.

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    This book could be used to teach children about world war two The illustrations are basic and full of detail to show the reader what the battlefields looked like in World War One It is a good story explaining what happened in wo...

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    This book is an illustrated book for children The story happened in 1914 during the first world war It deals with a group of four young boys who dreamt of becoming professional football players and to join the national soccer team but they were enlisted an...

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    A fantastic story just a shame it had to be so true Combined with elements of non fiction this book would make a fantastic resource in a classroom of learners studying the World Wars Displaying the highs and lows of the life of a soldier, you are really able to conne...

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    This historical fiction book follows the journey of four young friends who join the British Army during World War I Throughout the book, it provides real images of propaganda during this time, trench life, No Man s Land, war traditions, and the effects of the war on civilians This book would ...

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    This book promotes all kinds of emotions and is sure to make you reflect on the bravery of our soldiers in the war A great mix of cartoon pictures and real propaganda from the war time

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    This is fantastic, but it is a year jerker.

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