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Belle Belle Is Convinced She Has The Wrong Name, As She Lacks Her Sisters Awe Inspiring Beauty So She Withdraws From Society, Devoting Her Time To Wood Carving Secretly, Belle Longs To Find The Fabled Heartwood Tree If Carved By The Right Hands, The Heartwood Will Reveal The Face Of One S True Love During A Fierce Storm, Belle S Father Stumbles Upon The Mysterious Heartwood And Encounters A Terrifying And Lonely Beast Now Belle Must Carve The Heartwood To Save Her Father, And Learn To See Not With The Eyes Of Her Mind, But With The Eyes Of Her Heart.

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    sigh It was so close, and yet no It was good, i guess, but it was clear that Cameron Dokey had read Robin McKinley s beauty dozens of times There is no rose I liked that The whole love tree with a secret inside of it that only belle,the fabulous wood carver, c

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    I had mixed feelings about this book For the first 140 pages, I was getting into the story I enjoyed the good writing, the descriptions, I even liked all the characters This was a nice version of Beauty and the Beast where Belle still had both her parents and even her s

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    I am totally in like with this series Why do I go all mushy inside every time I read one I guess I carry way too much estrogen but I m not ashamed No way Part of the reasons fairy tales have been around so long is because they show us something about what the heart can do.Belle d

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    Like the previous Dokey book I read, Before Midnight, this book did a great job of establishing the main character s world and everyday life, but rushed the last act, which contains the actual fairytale that the book is supposed to retell.Pros1 I liked how Belle s mom was still alive and h

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    SUMMARY Belle is convinced she has the wrong name, as she lacks her sisters awe inspiring beauty So she withdraws from society, devoting her time to wood carving Secretly, Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwood Tree If carved by the right hands, the Heartwood will reveal the face of one s true lov

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    Bleh Just another insipid retelling of Beauty and the Beast that reads amateurishly plotted characterised, with the additional aggravation that Dokey is unashamedly trying to reproduce Robin McKinley s Beauty, without a drop of the latter s charm Don t bother with this copycat book, is what I d recommend to t

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    I ve always loved the story of Beauty and the Beast Probably from watching the Disney movie when I was really young Belle was my favorite Disney princess So I obviously had some high hopes for it I can t say that I absouletly loved it, but like any fairy tale lover, the happy ending had me smiling Quick...

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    I m having a little fairy tale phase here Bear with me Not very original, took many pages right out of Beauty by Robin McKinley Did really like the family theme Appreciated that the mother was still alive Loved that they came together in the country like they never had in the city and knew it, and appreciated it The Heartwood...

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    3.5 5 Love is many things, ma Belle And the face it wears is not always what we expect.That s right, ANOTHER Beauty and the Beast retelling Heyyy, I m nothing if not predictable This is also the first Cameron Dokey book for me I enjoyed it quite a lot She s not reinventing the wheel with this one Belle is, for the most part, a very straig

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    A very basic retelling of Beauty and the Beast It felt like the Cliff Notes version, skimming over the whole falling in love thing Could ve done that part better.

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