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The Island of the Women and Other Stories These Six Stories Lead Back To Orkney S Past And To Fables To Break A Siege Of The Broch Of Guirness, Unlikely Champions Come Forward For Single Combat Njalsay Is Seen Through The Eyes Of A Poor Idiot Laird Misunderstood By His People, And A Poet Becomes Laureate By Embracing Silence

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    So far I have only read the first story in this collection of short stories by George Mackay Brown, and I loved it The first story The Island of Women is set in medieval Orkney and tells the story of a noble woman who takes a sea king as a lover while her husband is fighting in the

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    This collection of short stories set in ancient times was a very difficult read I didn t find it flowed like I expected it to I wouldn t necessarily recommend this to anyone and wouldn t read it again However, having said all that, I get the feeling that George Mackay Brown s other work woul

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