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When Angels Fall It was five years since Elizabeth Alcester had laid eyes on her former stable boy, Ivan Tra five years since her world had collapsed in devastating ruin around her Now, penniless and desperate, she finds herself at the mercy of a cruel, ruthless stranger a man who vows to possess her, whose hot searing caresses fan the flames of her darkest desires Tra had returned home in triumph the unwanted bastard was now Lord Ivan, eleventh Marquis of Powerscourt the most powerful man in London Yet one woman had sworn to defy him the proud beauty whose touch had branded him forever But when at last he holds Lissa trembling in his merciless embrace, his lust for vengeance suddenly explodes in a frenzied fever of passion, and now no power on heaven or earth can tear him from the innocent arms that hold him captive, or protect her from the rapturous moment when angels fall

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    Ugh Annoying but compulsiveSpoilers Lissa is the eldest child of the wealthy Alcester family.As she grows up she is increasingly attracted to Ivan the illegitimate stable boy and when she was 16 years old she lets him kiss her but is frightened and some of the other servants have to pull Ivan off her Later that night she strikes Ivan with her riding crop in frustration and permanently scars his face This happens in the backdrop of a family crisis involving her parents It turns out that her m

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    When Angels Fall is the story of Lissa and Ivan.Oh my I can t even. AMAZING.Genuinely, one of the best historicals I have ever read.The story is like a beautiful concoction of Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas, and Succumb to me by Julia Keaton.Two lovers, separated by society and their inhibitions meet again five years later, when their finances and fates have reversed, and realize they can never let go of the fever that is the other They meet when he s a stable boy, and she s the daughter o When A

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    Ivan Tra has a chip on his shoulder and now that he s the newly christened Marquis of Powerscourt he intends to go back to his country home and make those who made his lives hell regret their very existence Included in this group is the beautiful Elizabeth Alcester, a formerly entitled woman who has fallen on hard times Barely making ends meet, Lissa is determined to marry so she can fully support her younger sister and brother When news of the return of her childhood crush reaches her ea Ivan Tra has a

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    I loved this Ivan the H is HOT His obsession with the heroine is simultaneously sexy and slightly disturbing The former poor boy grows up to inherit his father s title and wealth but still cannot get the heroine out of his heart and his mind The heroine is such a beautiful human being outwardly and inwardly She takes care of her blind sister and her baby brother When her income which had been supplied on a periodic basis by Ivan over the last couple years is cut off, she has no oth I loved this Ivan the H is

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    Meagan McKinney has written one of my all time favorite romance novels I re read that book often and always, always finish the book with a heart full of emotions I love that book to pieces I will say it again and again That being said, none of her other books has proved to be of the same caliber Not those that I have read, at least When Angels Fall is such a mish mash of nothingness A stable boy and lady of the manor, I love a working man with a lady kind of story I have muchrespec Meagan McKinney has written one o

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    This was a very light and whimsical read for me For romance itself, with specific boundaries set to make its clear distinction from a bodice ripper, it was damn good read, all in all When Angels Fall was a painless, cherubic romance, sporting a full complement of caramel sentiment and endless infatuation by the One That Got Away There was a great deal of past involvement years for their affection to grow and ultimately, their love was believable H hs with actual history and background, see This was a very light and whims

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    One of the best Historical Romances I ve read in a long time.Very well written and engaging, it used tropes without heavily relying on them, and it all tied together really nice in the end.Usually books in this genre are extremely predictable, but this book really surprised me several times.The characters, though flawed, were really likeable I especially enjoyed Lissa s sister Evie Ivan played out the tortured hero without being an asshole or an obnoxious jerk Although it does overstay it s One of the best Historical Romances

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    One of my favourite trope is when the hero becomes a highly rich man from being a poor stableman, and in that mixing together with the thirst of revenge made me scared shitless when i opened this book There is so much tension and consuming angst that i ACTUALLY had to take a paus from this book for two weeks WHICH IS SO NOT LIKE ME My very first book by Meagan McKinney, i easily realized why she is so popular among Bodice Ripper fans She writes with such an easy but sophisticated flow that One of my favourite trope is when the hero

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    This didn t work for me Ivan, the bastard heir of the local Marquess, grew up working as a stablehand for Lissa s family Ivan is finally allowed to inhabit the family castle after a fallow period stipulated in his father s will meant as a last F U to him, and Ivan is intent on wreaking revenge on the local townspeople through Lissa When Angels Fall is a gothic read featuring an asshole hero Sounds good, right My main problems with When Angels Fall 1 Lissa loved Ivan ever since she was a te This didn t work for me Ivan, the bastard heir of

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    A great Victorian Bodice Ripper with a Tortured Hero and a Magnificent HeroineI guess I should say at the outset that I am a fan of McKinney s historical romance novels This one, set in 1855 prologue in 1850 , is a wonderful, well told story of how the wounds from the past keep us from embracing the future we might have And it kept me up late reading till I finished it, which is always a good sign Oh, yes, it s a bodice ripper, too.Five years ago, Elizabeth Lissa Alcester, daughter of we A great Victorian Bodice Ripper with a Tortured Hero and

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