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Souls of Darkness PDF Epub Souls Of Darkness Author Gary Butterfield Wgf2011.eu Do You Remember The Worlds Of Power They Were Trashy Little Kids Books Based On Nintendo Games They Had Plots Like, What If A Kid Got Sucked Into Castlevania And Watched Dracula Drink Cherry Soda Souls Of Darkness Is Parody Of These Books Based On Dark Souls It Follows A Young Souls Scholar As She S Sucked Into Her Favorite Video Game World, Koledran, Where She Embarks On A Harrowing Journey And Encounters Incredible Figures Like Lunarious, Moonlit Knight And Lounging Carl, Seated Man. Even without knowing too much about the Dark Souls series having only played Bloodborne and listened to a handful of Bonfireside Chat episodes I still had tons of fun diving into that super cute little book A real breeze to read, I absolutely loved Souls of Darkness It was like revisiting my childhood as an adult, eerily familiar, however a completely unique experience, just as hilarious and terrifying as childhood tends to be I really enjoyed all the cameos and nods to DS community personalities I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy fantasy, as well as anyone who is a fan of the game series this was inspired by, or the book series that inspired the format Whoa now that s cyclical You don t Souls of Darkness is a great quick, fun, and funny book I laughed out load several times and have quoted several lines from the book to my friends I highly recommend anyone a fan of Dark Souls, World of Nintendo books, or someone just looking for a light funny book read Souls of Darkness.

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