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Womanist Midrash KINDLE Womanist Midrash Author Wilda C Gafney Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Womanist Midrash Is An In Depth And Creative Exploration Of The Well And Lesser Known Women Of The Hebrew Scriptures Using Her Own Translations, Gafney Offers A Midrashic Interpretation Of The Biblical Text That Is Rooted In The African American Preaching Tradition To Tell The Stories Of A Variety Of Female Characters, Many Of Whom Are Often Overlooked And Nameless Gafney Employs A Solid Understanding Of Womanist And Feminist Approaches To Biblical Interpretation And The Sociohistorical Culture Of The Ancient Near East This Unique And Imaginative Work That Is Grounded In Serious Scholarship Will Expand Conversations About Feminist And Womanist Biblical Interpretation.

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    I am afraid to write a review for this book simply because I fear no words I put together will do it justice On every page, this book blew my mind or melted my heart I learned so much from this book While Gafney is a Hebrew and Bible scholar and incredibly knowledgeable in translation and interpretation, she never ma

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    Dr Gafney s Womanist Midrash is an informative and insightful look at the women in the texts of the Hebrew Bible Dr Gafney s aim is to acknowledge by name, as often as possible the women in, around, and behind the text This was extremely helpful to me, because I have been trained to read the Scriptures with from an androcentri

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    A text for a Spring 2018 course at Brite Divinity School a fascinating resource on the women in the Hebrew Bible, named and unnamed I particularly enjoyed Dr Gafney s use of what she terms sanctified imagination , where she enters the text as preacher interpreter to tell the story behind the story in midrashs throughout the book This wi

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    Mind blowing, even when you want to argue with it.

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