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Stolen (Stronger, #1) PDF Epub Stolen Stronger, 1 Author Jay Marie Warning This Story Is For Mature Adults Only It Contains Violence, Mature And Explicit Content And Non Consensual Dubious, Graphic Sexual Activity That Some Readers May Find Upsetting This Is A Dark Erotic Thriller, Not To Be Confused With A Dark Romance HERThis Was Never Supposed To Happen To Me I Was Smart I Was Strong I Was A Fucking First Degree Black Belt For Fuck S Sake, But None Of That Mattered Not When You Re Out Gunned And Outnumbered I Was Stolen From My Life And Thrown Into The Dark And Hollow Depths Of Human Trafficking But It S Not All Glitter And Rainbowsespecially When It Comes To Him He Wants Me Beaten He Wants Me Broken But Most Importantly, He Just Wants Me And That S The Scariest Thing Of All I Won T Let Him Win I Won T Let Him Break Me I Ll Come Back Like Steel Every Time Because In The End, What Doesn T Kill Me Will Only Make Me StrongerHIMI M Not A Very Nice Guy I M A Terrible Person In Fact, But I M Not Going To Pretend To Care I Have A Billion Dollar Empire To Run That Manifests Carnage, Blood, And Money And I Crave It All Nothing Ever Got In My Way, Nothing Stopped Me If I Wanted Something, I Made It Happen, That Is Until This Damn Red Head Crawled Into My Life Strong, Defiant, And A Mixed Martial Artist, She Was Everything I Never Expected To Want In A Woman Breaking Her Down Became An Obsession As She D Always Somehow Pop Back Up Like A Damn Weed I Couldn T Kill It Was Addicting And It Became Harder And Harder For Me To Pretend I Didn T Love The Taste Of Her Fire Every Time I Covered Her With My Ice I Wanted And I Ll Be Damned If I Didn T Get It Because In The End, I Always Get What I Want NOTE For Every Book That Is Sold, A Portion Of The Proceeds Will Be Donated To A Charity That Benefits Victims Of Human Trafficking.

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    3.5 starsVery well writtenBadass heroinePlot was superbly directedCliffhangerJaden, a 25 year old postgraduate student is abducted and held by a sadistic human trafficker Imagine his surprise when he realizes

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    3.5 Slave Fighter StarsDisturbing subject matter Sometimes a story comes along and frankly, I don t know how to rate it This was one of those stories.25 year old Jaden Morgan Wilder is a student at Wayne State Law Scho

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    3.75 starsGenre EroticaSetting Detroit, MichiganPOVs view spoiler Dual, 1st person hide spoiler Action 5 5Triggers Yes view spoiler Kidnapping, rape, murder, humiliation Oh, and violence A good amount of violence hide spoiler Ja

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here THIS REVIEW will be for the first three books in the series Many SPOILERS are included below I feel very conflicted about the characters and story What I like

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    4 No Love In This Book Stars Girl who can kick some ass checkGirl who can take a beating like a man checkGirl with sassy mouth checkGirl who refuses to submit checkMan that kidnaps and sells girls checkMan that can deliver some pain checkMan that i

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    You might think you like, dark erotica but you won t know whether you really do or not until you read this book STOLEN is the definition of, dark If you re the type who claims to dislike, senseless violence in your books, don t bother reading this one becaus

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    I can t say enough good things about Stolen Ok so yeah this story is NOT for everyone I mean it I m not going to say DO NOT READ IT, because as soon as I say it, someone will see it as a challenge and read the book Said person would be traumitized and therefore raise

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    this is not a book for me The only thing I felt is disgust not really interested in the rest Its probably me i don t like ott dark stories.Re read in August 2017.I m changing my rating from 2 to 4 stars When I first approached this book I was apalled and disgusted by the H acti

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    4.5 starsJaden wakes up and finds herself in the middle of her worst nightmare She s been kidnapped and is locked in a cage in a room full ofcaged women When she s taken to meet the gorgeous Owner, her fears are confirmed when she s told they re all going to be sold as slaves to the high

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    This was so sick and twisted but good Not sure why I liked it as has so many triggers but somehow it works

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