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Kansas City Confessions PDF Kansas City Confessions By Julie Miller Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Keeping Secrets Close And An Enemy Closer His Protection Instincts On High Alert, KCPD Detective Trent Dixon Knew Something Was Wrong With Katie Rinaldi The Special Investigator Had Obviously Uncovered A Dangerous Piece Of Evidence While Looking Into A Cold Case So Dangerous, In Fact, That The Single Mother S Life Was Now In Jeopardy But As Much As Trent Told Himself He Was Keeping Tabs On Katie And Her Young Son As Part Of His Job, He Couldn T Ignore The Very Real Feelings He Had For Her Still, As A Professional, He Was Bound To The Badge And Would Give Katie All The Security She Deserved And Not Give In To The Attraction He Was Having Trouble Containing Kansas City Confessions The Precinct Cold Case by Julie Miller once again sends you on an adventure of good guys looking for bad guys When Katie Rinaldi is threatened, Trent Dixon and the rest of the KCPD cold case group come together to protect one of their own Due to events in Katie s life she has a hard time trusting the feelings Trent has for her and her son C Very good book and conclusion to the Cold Case series of books Katie and Trent are both members of the Cold Case unit at KCPD They are also old friends, having known each other since they were in high school Katie and her young son are members of a local theater group where Tyler is playing the part of Tiny Tim and Katie does the costumes When she isn t needed she uses the time to do some of her cold case research for work.At the beginning of the story Katie, who is a genius on the computer, has uncovered what appears to be some links between several cold cases That night, at the theater, some strange things happen that make her feel threatened Scared, she calls Trent, but then tells him not to worry she was actually okay Trent, unconvinced, shows up at the theater, but Katie and Tyler are already gone He notices some things that are suspicious, and also rescues an abandoned dog.The next day at work Trent tries to get Katie to tell him what happened, but she insists that she was panicking over nothing In the meantime, Katie fills in the rest of the team on what she has found It is looking and like the links they have found may lead to a mob boss they have been trying to nail for a long time.The relationship between Katie and Trent is one of friendship, by Katie s insistence As a kid she and her mother suffered from her father s p 5 29 172nd read thru Think I enjoyed this even the 2nd time thru If you enjoy police dramas, cop, forensics, etc , then you ll love this series Excellent book It is part of a series, but reads as a standalone I had a lot of respect for Katie She is a single mom, and working for KCPD She is a member of the Cold case unit After work she is taking her 9 year old son to play practice He is part of a Christmas performance Her son Tyler kept me laughing throughout the story He was a typical 9 year old boy For Christmas he wanted a dad, and a dog Katie and Trent has been good friends since Katie was 15 years old Trent has always wanted , but Katie has always kept Trent as just a close friend She needed his friendship, and was always afraid to take it to the next level She never wanted to lose Trent as a friend Katie was sent warning to stop her investigations Trent stepped in, and made himself her body guard She fought against his protection, until her son s life was threatened She would do anything to keep her son safe.The suspense, and action was excellent throughout the story I

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