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Anya and the Shy Guy It S Always The Quiet Ones Anya Anderson Doesn T Just Need A Big Break, She Needs Any Break Living On The Streets Doesn T Leave A Girl Many Options, So When She Scores A Gig Reporting On The Seconds To Juliet Tour, She Jumps At The Chance To Earn Enough Money To Sleep Somewhere Safe And The Paycheck Will Get Bigger And Keep Her Off The Streets For Good If She Can Dig Up Dirt On Will Fray, The Irritatingly Hot Shy Guy Of The Band Problem Is, Will Fray Isn T Who Everyone Thinks He Is In Fact, He S Not Will At All Matt, Will S Identical Twin, Is Actually The Guy Onstage, Reluctantly Covering For His Brother While He S In Rehab To Make Matters Worse, Matt S Being Shadowed By A Cute Reporter With Troubled Eyes Determined To Get The Scoop On Him And He S Having Trouble Finding The Willpower To Keep His DistanceBut If The Secret Gets Out, It Won T Just Be His Head On A Platter It Ll Be The Whole Band SThis Entangled Teen Crush Book Contains Steamy Make Out Scenes, Graphic Language, And A Love Story So Hot Your Copy May Spontaneously Burst Into Flames You Ve Been Warned

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    This series just keeps getting better and better Every band member of Seconds to Juliet have a special place in my shelf and heart, but Will I mean Matt. is extra special Like, extra extra special Her eyes fluttered closed, and he kissed her Because he could Because there was no way he couldn t I don t know if its because of the little twist in the story or because of just Matt alone, but this is really my favorite installment so far The lit

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    I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review UPDATE HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY CHECK OUT MY POST FOR THE RELEASE DAY BLITZ AND GET A CHANCE TO WIN AN AWESOME PRIZE PACK SEE THE POST HEREOKAY I OFFICIALLY LOVE THIS SERIES Yo guys read this now Okay, I ll do the reviews a lot of reviews later but let me just tell you one thing I noticed.So it seems like this and DatFM is similar in a certain way meaning, secrets Both books come down to that si

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    I was provide this arc by Entangled via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Stars I was happy to read another installment in this adorable series These are just so cute I will admit, Ryder is still my favorite But also, I loved Matt I m not sure that I would have even liked Will as much as I did his brother That was also confusing to me so far, this series has focused each book on one of the band members Now, we are actually not get

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    I m very easy to please and I thought this was okay, so take from that what you will The story itself was predictable and cheesy but I don t dislike that at all in my romances, so that s not a problem for me The writing was fine but not great, mostly the dialogue was a little bland sometimes.The thing that bothered me about this book is the title If you re gonna call a book Anya and the Shy Guy, I m expecting Anya to meet a shy guy and very lik

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    The next installment of the Backstage Pass Series featuring the band Seconds to Juliet features Anya Anderson who is acting under false pretenses as a journalist as the thing is she is homeless and this is the only way she can earn fast money Though it seems that she is not the only one keepinga huge secret that if it ever got out could cause harm and chaos Matt is filling in for his twin brother Will who is the real singer and the one known as

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    I m seeing this title pop up over my blogosphere feeds and all I can see when I think Anya and the Shy Guy is this fella below LOL Points for whoever thought of Nintendo Mario too I m seeing this title pop up over my blogosphere feeds and all I can see when I think Anya and the Shy Guy is this fella below LOL Points for whoever thought of Nintendo Mario too

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    At A Glance My favorite book of the series so far The Good I was completely absorbed by this story Anya and Matt completely enchanted me the whole book I could not put it down I read Anya and the Shy Guy in one sitting.Anya is my favorite character of the series She was so strong and driven Her story is heartbreaking and I really felt for her She has been homeless for years but one well written article has set her on a path to money and safety She

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    3.5 5 StarsThis review and manycan be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction Addiction Anya and the Shy Guy is the fourth installment in the Backstage Pass series, which chronicles the love lives of the members of Seconds to Juliet, a superstar boy band I haven t read the first three books in the series those of you who know me well are gasping right now I never read series out of order , but this book really did stand well on its own as a standalone a

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    4.5 5 FangsThis book series continues to surprise me Each book in this series continues to get better and better I have enjoyed all of the books so far, but this is my favorite book in the series so far I think one of the reasons that I liked this book so much was because it had a fun twist on it The fact that Will was actually Matt pretending to be Will was so much fun I thought it was unique I also really enjoyed the romance in this book The roman

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    This is the 4th book in the Backstage Pass series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone.Anya is a homeless teen who has managed to bluff her way into a gig as a reporter covering a two week stint on the Seconds To Juliet tour Her assignment is to interview Will, the shy one and make daily updates to her online zine Anya knows that if she uncovers a big, dark secret about the band, she can sell it and get the money to move off the Tulsa streets She has

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